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He headed to training camp. Tried toe had a teammate because knocked off his feet a little bit up in there, trying to catch him fell into my knee and I sprained thought of blue Medea, but I sprained my Medial collateral ligament. And That I had. I, you know. Wouldn't supposed be playing basketball. So I mean, I had at that point determined So I told him What what had happened. I came back. I miss most of the preseason. And they came to me in the last preseason game and said, Hey, you got to play in this one. Otherwise we gotta put you on I r so I wasn't ready to go. But I played and was able to get through the preseason game. But they you know what? They were not. I was going to be put it. I was not going to get paid because I've been injured away from the Browns, but that back in those days, I mean, nobody. Everybody went home. You had jobs. Did Ryan Clady get paid when he got hurt away from the pages? I think he did, and I think he got paid or what he'd done to that point and what they expected him to do after after that point, and the fact that he'd been one of their very good players. Part of this issue was Juwan James. You know? It just hasn't worked out. They gave him a three year a lot of money deal and he's played 63 stamps. No, it's not his fault. He got hurt this time. He's not been able to be on the field that then he opted out okay with covert. Um, there were coaches. I know for sure that felt like he could have gone back in and played. His rookie is initial year with the Broncos after that knee injury in the first game in Oakland. And he just didn't feel comfortable going back in. All right. I usually side on the on the player's side with respect to injuries, because coaches always want to get you back out there. And you know what? If the guy's hurt, you guys hurt, But the fact is, he's got three years of a deal for these played 63 snaps. That's part of the issue. I think with this I agree. 100% Real quick texture. Three or three. This is not on the Broncos. He followed the direction of the NFLPA so he should look to the n F l P A for the money. That's kind of a good point. Well, good luck on that mark on your body, But it makes sense. It does. It does. Nae 26 is our time. Three or 37138585 is the number This is Kaylee news radio. Thistles, Your new home speaking. I.

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