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He was actually quite good basketball and talking trash. I don't know. Trade. But then he's yelling at the GM. You need me. Jimmy's back. Yeah. Really does he want out or now? What would you say? Now, boy, a lot of drama the juice worth sweet. So he'd pulled off the Seinfeld character. Yeah. He. New. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy sweet. Garage. This is a guy who is your proactively trying to get himself traded away. 'cause there's a pause in the action like sitting around going. Okay. This Miami deals almost going to happen. Then you find out it doesn't happen. Well, it's time to go in and go take the nuclear option at practice. That's the nuclear. I would agree. It's the nuclear option. That's right. That's when you force me timber wolves to take whatever's being offered or the efforts to try to make the. Right now. He's probably thinking. All right. He might be do you think? When do you think that packs of their feet up in the advocate center raining Twitter? And they're having a party, probably are they toast each other. They like you want to go after I how's everyone liking tips. And Jimmy now man that's a lot of drama with those two around. Meanwhile, ties Derrick rose and dang are all laughing in the corner. Why don't we try and call ties we should call tie? Taj has always been an open book mind now. Now, these SIV Taj will pick up the call he'd been great to us in the past. Zsa he's playing brick breaker upstairs. Ouch. What does that mean? What's the now by Reckitt? Ralph Merck, the occasional and getting ready for Wisconsin. Being of course. Yes. Who's wisconsin? There's all Michigan. Big house. Michigan only all did. They only lose to Notre Dame's season to look like a decent loss. If you can. Right. Times all throughout did you ever play at the big house the bus cow? Never we play Notre Dame never played at the big. Oh, yeah. Bec whenever planet. Ohio state. No was Notre Dame like the coolest venue. You were at as a call as a college football player. We played a USA because y'all. Oh, yeah. Coliseum. Yeah. Who is? Was Rodney p Eric f halter was guy lucky Marcus cotton. Oh, yeah. They had a lot of guys Dwayne Bicket on there. Then probably fell real was defensively on that team. Probably. I think he was called. No, no, no, no one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. Well, for me, this was even earlier this was still real Ye seven ninety seven. Yeah. I would have thought he's older. He's got to be alive. Looked to see when Jack got out. I mean, there were some good players. I think John Jackson junior one of the wide receivers. Also was there. There was a lot of guys on that team. We drilled you win. Now, I think we hung with we ended up losing. But I think we had Notre Dame beat at Notre Dame into the late in the third quarter. And I think Mark green who I played with here. In Chicago ran for like one hundred twenty five. He went to run for one three Martin nice guy. Great guy. He's still is locally super nice guy. Tell you. I was there was the Tim Ryan was there, and Dan Owens was there. I'm sure yeah. Both those guys were defensive. Did you guys then Grun heart on thinking Notre Dame? Yeah. In Chicago is one of my favorite. Grun hardwood have been there. Timmy Ryan would have been on that offense blind. Yep. The big guy boom Miller would have been on that offense of line random, Tim Grun heart story, I sat in the bleachers with Tim Greenwich. Dan, patrick. Bleachers grown hard. Great guy. That little it was a Mark grace friends be MAC slash Mark, grace, friends thing. Engage in Florida took me with nice, Tim Graham, Dan, Patrick me. And Dan flato in south bend during the spring and it was the day after the spring game. And I bumped into hard. They're good heartbreaker. Proud alumni of my high school. He was an undrafted player too. Wasn't. He was the underground aren't second round. Draft drafted second round Kansas City. Bad will shields on the right side, Dave's zapped on the letter that remember that big John? About that Kansas City, the one guy that I will vividly remember having zero success against I mean, there's a long list of them. But was it was Albert Albert Albert Lewis six two with the longest arms I've ever seen. It was like one of those things where you hold your hand on the forehead of a child and the child tries to run and runs place. That was me. I sixty minutes against the chiefs. It was awful. All right, boys. What's coming up on the big show this Jimmy drama? I mean, we weren't expecting that. That's funny stops. Great. And we'll see we get Tajon. Obviously we're all things bears getting set for bears. Dolphins will the good times continue to roll dann Wieder up at three busy day at house today is her first real back to work day. Now they were back on Monday. But now they're prepping for the dolphins Louis Riddick. It four will bind Jean grecko in the five o'clock hour, we'll play you the cap stuff on Kris Bryant coming up next. What indeed happened here recently with Kris Bryant and extension talks? And then we'll hear a little parts of our John Lester interview, if you missed that was good. Yes. My wife radio partner, lots of fun and hold on their Waddell, hold on nature horses. Hold on one second while I don't have any horses. We have the ultimate MVP's. These aren't just any envy. These special ones. You guys are this like the best seat in the house. Courtesy of David seats for not only our show, but for the golick in wing goes show. For Friday's twenty year anniversary party. In Libertyville, got share share? I have a chair and. We'll have the alternate. MVP spot those great seats. Don't forget. I mean in that joke like two weeks ago..

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