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We have another question i want to go back to the cyber warfare question i i i think you're saying there's a cyber war going on but we're not fighting back so how would we fight back i mean how how do you fight back without getting into a situation where you're turning each other lights off right so this is the way intelligence officials frame this is an information war not a cyber war in the sense of destroying things with cyber the russians are barring us with propaganda and we're we're not the us government is not allowed to engage in propaganda but it can't tell the truth it can get on twitter encounter those messages it's not doing that you know famously the state department has global engagement center it was allocated one hundred twenty million dollars to go overseas and fight propaganda it hasn't spent a penny of that money i did a story recently about the broadcasting board of governors voa those cold war era agencies that used to do this stuff they're doing it a little bit but they're so pathetically underfunded and so not nimble compared to rt which is a five hundred million dollar propaganda machine aimed at us i'd like to chime in on on this one because there's a new book out i don't know if you've had a chance to read it russian roulette which deals with how the obama white house was trying to come to terms with how to respond to what the russians had done in the cyber arena and there were people on the white house staff who came up with a whole range of options for cyber attacks on russian news sites shutting down various online russian sites that were children's.

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