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Weeks ago we talked to a Wisconsin dairy farmer who shared with us his pain over having to dump his milk because the market prices just collapsed he also mentioned at the same time that he was hearing from people who thought that was terrible that they could just donate that mailed to food pantries and explain to us unfortunately that's not the way that that things work well now there is a way that it's working three organizations have come together it's the hunger task force the dairy farmers of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin department of agriculture joining together for what's called the Wisconsin dairy recovery program joining us is the executive director of the hunger task force Sherri Tessler sherry tell us about this new cooperative what's going on well we join forces in order to rescue that seem very that was being built by the dairy farmers their prices are Sproson obviously they can't donate the milk we are purchasing that milk at a fair value and we're sending it to camps Terry and having it bottled where it is then being delivered across the state by angle hard Gary that's really terrific sherry I mean you're just helping out so many so many different groups all at the same time we really are members of the home really federation which are local pantries throughout the state are going to be receiving that pasteurized milk and we will continue that program for at least the next week to make sure that we get through this pandemic and are you to be a turning this into cheese as well undercount forces board of directors turned around and said because of the generosity of so many donors were so concerned about this we would invest up to one million dollars in the purchase of Wisconsin dairy which did include cheese and so hi Shelley Keith Cooper to Winona cheese rolling hills cooperative clock shadow creamery are old Kelly cheese purchased and we will have that rolling out next week as well Sherri Tessler is the executive director of the hunger task force talking about of the newly created Wisconsin dairy recovery program it's a way for Wisconsin dairy farmers to sell their milk which is then donated to the hunger task force which can then distribute that milk in those milk products to groups throughout southeastern Wisconsin I'm sure you don't charge any of these associations that you help me in any shape or form correct exactly we're taking one hundred percent of the donated resources that we get from individuals we are buying them off from the camp and we are paying angle her Terry to deliver to local communities free of charge are you still in need of volunteers are you still able to with social distancing you know have people in the warehouse and stuff we're not allowed to have our own here's we haven't have volunteers for coming up on a month on our staff are working really hard to manage everything independent of the volunteers and we look forward to them coming back one day I bet you do what what can people who are listening to to help out they can go to the dairy paid that hundred concourse dot org and make a contribution to that a local family can get access to milk and cheese in the upcoming weeks bomb and they can wish us well we've.

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