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The umbrella in the car with with high temperatures around ninety one but he mild tonight low temperatures on the nor sore run seventy degrees in the south shore the mid 70s heading into tuesday partly cloudy another high day but the humidity dust is still low for this time of year slight chance rain only a ten percent with a high around ninety two and wednesday her the humidity's coming back along with a 40 percent chance for scattered showers storms and high temperatures in the upper 80s from the pinpoint forecast center i'm wwl tv meteorologist dave nussbaum thank you dave i savvy describes what his they it's going to be pretty pretty hot right now eighty one in clear in kenner 71 in cloudy in slidell why is drew brees though thing about why receive a brand and cold spell steve geller joins us and let the answer that morning to you steve thank you monica them high praise up yeah i was really shocked when breeze you know uttered the words mosaic wild brandon combing getting tons of low from drouin hey that's all that matters it's coming from his quarterback absolutely let's happening all right good morning everybody the intensity of seeds training camp picked up over the weekend now pads are pop in a practices the offense has some new weapons that have stood out early like running back elven kamara in veteran receiver corey fuller who spent the first few years in detroit but a player who's been around the black and gold is aiming for a bigger role and that's brandon coleman listening to quarterback drew brees it sure sounds like we can expect bigger things from the six foot six two hundred twenty pound pass catcher who is heading into his fourth year in the league there's really not a guy who i have more trust them the brennan a plate of the now for a long time them i feel like he's a guy who can play every physician so his versatility in this office is really good while the osu football teams reported the camp is in their first open training camp practices today under head coach eddoes wrong coach has been pleased with the progress his teams made during summer conditioning breeders stronger and faster good travel running into the he hit usual shelf the bayou bengals will kick things off his shorts in helmets today the.

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