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In American sports. To your point, right here is the bar conversation right now, Let's go keep it with team sports. Is he Even maybe better. Then the great one and Wayne Gretzky. Well, in my opinion, Yeah, because Wayne Gretzky's not even the greatest hockey winner. The rocket was charred 1 11 Stanley culture with not more reason his younger brother on re the power pocket 1 11 standing comes to Montreal Canadians in his 20 year NHL career. Gretzky, though, didn't something Maura than just win. Yeah, he went beyond he would be on the road that was an orchestrated trade from Edmund tend to L. A to make hockey more popular of the United States. Absolutely. That's why that that's why Gretzky was basically forced to leave Edmondson. When you have that kind of clout. Coach. I mean, you're you're you're in rarified air. I mean, Tom Brady is right there and in that conversation, win or lose on Sunday and it has to be a win. Last man. You go to 10 Super Bowls. You've got six name inelegant. Name me another outside. What? Charles Haley's got five, right? Charles over his five yes until the five Super Bowls, but you're playing the most important position. In all of sports. And you're going to 10 and you've got six already Win or lose. I mean, I think that what he's done is Will never be matched again. Well, it's almost already done it. Don't grand played in 10 Championships, 17. 105 games over that span of the Cleveland Browns, So it's already done. It's already been done. That's not in the Twitter world with a 53 man roster and and everything else. I'm not gonna discount a guy winning seven champs in 10 years, this kind of country played on Little House to play with the Ingalls family. I don't care. I don't Graham is legendary, especially in Ohio. Right. But still, dude, I mean, this thing in age It is different. You know The times are different because you don't want to go back in history and learn about the history that I say that aloud. Have. I said too much. Have a lot of it Is this do win or lose? What he's been able to do is and I can't 43. I can't even fathom. If he gets another one. I can't even imagine what that narrative is going to sound like with the latest version of Captain America. What was it like to coach pageant Mahomes before he became Patrick Mahomes. That guest will join us.

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