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We should hope for the best of decline. Functionally our know about that. All right. Well thank you. Hello WHO's this? Can't be for free, so get it off each Hasbro. I you sound like? Oh Man I'm just now getting. anyways, my thing is I. Don't understand how everybody giving busey artists backlash. And they give it the way. Wait utmost respect. They. Any I don't understand the there. They're two completely different things which I can about grown women having sex with children, but what is thing is I the way you would. He's allowing his son to make whole choice on becoming a whole gender. Trying to become a whole different gender is GonNa. Do what happens next is not illegal, but. Okay, it might not be. But we still don't know how that conversation. Wink with Busey and he's in every and we see from Busey's live that Busey be all. Is Illegal for a grown partisans sex with a twelve or thirteen year old. That is awful thing to do. Wouldn't you feel disgusted? If somebody had sex with a twelve year old, two things Busey set at took. Thanks Fred Busey said yesterday. Busey said he was playing. He said he was just trolling. Right one and number two. You just woke up Bro. I think you should lay back down I think. Hatchet pillow put you covers up to your neck and wake up and try this again. That's. About an hour, wake up about an hour and try to. Go more. Of A Chess Eight, hundred, five, eight, five, one, zero, five one. If you need, hit us up now with the breakfast club, good morning. Your time to get it off your chest or the. Breakfast you've got. This. Elo essential worker, a H. Sean peace and blessings world. Good morning broken. down. Addressing yourself essential working now? Chaumet! That's what I do. That's my job. Their a driver sanitation trump sanitation deputy censor workers are respect. He never wanted me to shine. What's up with you? I just said I respect it. If you want to hear negativity, your whole life, be a bill. Be a pessimistic. Job Did. I, do you know what I mean? That's not what said. I said.

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