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A drive through. Strip club now so you cannot so you can drive through now. We have two stages a DJ dancer. Polls everybody's six feet away from each other and we started doing that and yeah we ought to amazing NYC got on a people come so it was awesome. So thank you so cute and so I mean I guess that the ladies You know they seem happy and healthy. I mean. They're not making as much money as they were when they were actually stripping off. No it's it's it's it's definitely not stricker money as stuff not caboose money but it it is. It's money and at right and a lot of a lot of people are going nine to five. We're going to go for Amazon or whatever but we're we're still able to stay in the buyer bit and still view the thing chopped Joe and the most the biggest thing that we love to do is just hang out too so Just having all these people here working with us this is awesome. It's good for our first or it's too you know and morale good for morale. It's really good for your life. Communal morale rows a puppet. It's good for the.

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