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Article that you're talking about I was looking for athletic sports, Illustrated's dynasty. They'd never once let me give Sports Illustrated. They're sportsman's food straight is been in case anybody went looking for love Robert glencoe, Gregg Bishop and Robert Clem code the dynasty that never was inside the unraveling of the Seattle Seahawks in with the Seahawks coming to face the bears. It's probably worth the read area. Pro you for pointing it out. You're gone is actually from last week. How did I? Here's the problem. You guys think that I don't read I reading. Yeah. Nobody says that about us for. But now, I read all the man Maryland in Melrose park on ESPN one thousand. How? Good afternoon, gentlemen. You know, just we're doing. Yes. Slash. That over me question for you. Actually, I have two things to thank you for. Okay. Number one. Oh, shoot o'hara's plane over. Yeah. The flight path today today. What do you want to thank us? You think actually once how warmly received my cousin, and I were. I hit a ball ended up spending together. Open your starter. True. Thank you for the gifts, by the way. I hope you like kinda cute. There were matching your hell campus. That's okay. You're not the only one. What's the other thing? You want to thank us. Thank you for was Billy Joel show. Wait, wait. This friday. Well, what we managed and we had a great time. Thank you. Time you guys ever need a favorite reading anything. Like that. Again. I'm Richard service. Thanks marilyn. I didn't know Maryland went to Billy Joel free tickets free tickets in the nosebleed. Standpoint point that, but I hear that's where the the music is the best usually it. Sounds wow. He puts on a hell of a show that Billy Joel. Okay. It's a fantastic. Cowards in Skokie our. Afternoon gentlemen Vikings or what? No, I didn't. I didn't think they played. Well, really? Part of it is Louie into defensive X in the game. But the team they should've eaten by seventeen points. Oh, no. We can't be just be happy. You know, they were up by seventeen and then they just fell asleep. And I thought the offensive coordinator did a bad job not getting Murray and earlier. I'm looking at the NFL came out with the guys who could be a knowledge fame. Yeah. On there. And I know he pays for the beers. But I'm looking at twenty names on this list to come before in crates, and I know the NFL to cut a big list of honored guys. But I don't see American hall of fame. He was solid, but. Seven time pro bowler power. Thanks. I'm probably with Howard. I think it's hard for centers period, unless you're like Demonte, Dawson or Dwight Stevenson. I mean, you know, you're probably not going in Mike Webster there. Just aren't that many of them in not a ton, especially there's lot that are in that went both ways. From from. In the sixties before they think about modern era centers Dermontti Webster. Boy Stevenson who else. I I'm sure there's somebody else in there, the many, and that's what I mean. I think it's hard for centers. I I don't think I owned was terrific. I mean fantastic. It's I I don't know. I don't see it ever happening in mostly just because they don't it's hard for senators. They get in period like you have to be so ridiculously good. You know, we just away and looked at this above and beyond better than anybody else of your air. And I don't know that he was ever that as good as he was. And he was a Pro Bowl the new guys on the list are these guys locks. Tony gonzalez. Yeah. Tony Gonzalez is the lock London Fletcher. Now. No champ Bailey. Maybe maybe read. Yes. Of course, those are the four new guys first the list, what's the list? There's a hundred years, but only bear is all in crews Tiki barber is on the list begins olice. Gonzales had reader locks. Nobody's gonna argue that right? Nobody would argue going in Viking Scott says Matt Burke was good on that. Perk was good but his hall of fame. I mean, Kevin, Matt. My way was good hall of Famer. And I would think champion Lee probably gets into maybe not this year. But very very soon champ. Mike Holmgren on here. Oh, good home grill. Get in at some point. He should he deserves to be there. He went to two Super Bowls went to two one two three two different franchisees one one one. Yes. Correctomundo back to back with the Packers. I got an update from Hal is coming up next..

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