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If this is what hard for us as fans we hate to see that that players not what we want them to be. Or who we thought they could be we don't want to. We don't wanna accept that. So we continue to say things, man. But I think he can still go. Well, maybe he can't. And we have to live with that. Right. Last thing. I would ask you. It's got a random everything else we talked about. But it's whatever man we just hanging out with Bruce you as defensive stuff how much would you enjoy guarding a player who not only can't shoot, but refuses to shoot because I'm? Well, the mommy the reality of that was they wouldn't have me on him. They we we would have put we would put somebody else on him who didn't have the guard. Who would who would they be hide who what they put over there to hide those those are guys that you say stay within the system of the defense. That's our system defense of guy. You know, that guy that just you know, I man he he looked right? And he he went for that fake. He even said, he just look, right. And he went for the fake. We it would it would that guy would be required to to guard in that system. And we say our stick to the rules. They gave me the board salted as like a high level basketball player with people hit you with the full on stick to the roof. Like, I do tell the story of the day. He quit play basketball. He was he's played in college at gives enemy AC, and he was not allowed to dribble coach told him. He was not allowed dribble. Eighty say got the ball once and he went to live dribble, and he stood there. And he said, you know, what happened? They call ten seconds. And that was the day that he decided he just go play basketball boy because he baited to stick to the rules player like the rules rules, you know, Vermont at some point, man. No. You gotta if if you wanna dribble that ball, go head dribble that ball and deal with the consequences. There of now there was many times where I did somewhere. Tim looked like a this makes you we don't do that. No more. And because of what transpired from that. I looked at him. I said, Yep. Yep. I'm putting that one up that's not gonna happen anymore. Both that one out of fifteen times the did work. Ooh. Is you gotta did teammate. They'll cheer you on. Because I know he's the hot me up for some bull now. Ladies and gentlemen, that is by bad. Bruce Bowen check him out on ESPN through this basketball season. You know, we go have you on again. So right. Well, I I hope so man 'cause you you've been tripping I know that. Have you seen that do it Wisconsin who the do Brad Davidson do that state trying to take charge isn't when he can't take charge? He looked like he'd be out your trip and people hitting them into in the things. No, no. I don't watch college that much. I'm gonna send you some video. His technique assist. You buy give us clues. Oh that was shot, ladies, and you. Here's a hard work at defend us hall work at defendant on. Now you go now. So I see what you doing right now. You know, I'm I'm catching your game baby. I've been studying a I've been studying radio on us. So I'm catching up just say put work hard. We're getting you know, what I'm saying? Like, it's it's it's what America's all about. I got two words for you furniture. Move. All I got for you, dude. I gave it. Thank you for coming. I appreciate you. All right. All right now. Ladies and gentlemen phase. What's your joining us here on the right time, a man and gave Bassein hamels everything behind the scenes? Thank you, sir. Thanks to Bruce Bowen for joining us. Remember subscribe.

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