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I think for while it was very hard from 'cause the songs they were all written by Pete and the drummer. So it was so flamboyant and send so famous and everything for the an Pete sing. So, well, if if you're Pete's demos of the songs are fantastic. So for Roger, to find his voice was a long process. It took about seven years in that band to really stablishment self as the firm singer that he did with Tommy the who in the sort of classic rock cannon as perceived by millennials and younger because there is still some currency for a lot of things everyone burst in the stone still have a certain currency among some people. I'm concerned about the who's Outreach to the young generation or because they are very top of the rock cannon. And yet my sense is that for people under thirty that status has slipped even when they look back historically, I think the biggest thing is that zeppelin and the Beatles and Pink Floyd are frozen in the amber of the seventies differ ever young the forever. Great. And the who they kept going, you know, they broke up about seven years in the eighties, but they kept going, they got older. They did endless tours of the same songs. Then Pete sold the songs for two like commercials. It was selling Nissan and thousand or things. So the music was just on TV all the time. It was on on c. s. I it was just sort of everywhere and they lost their cool. It was just always there. I think that I rarely I was going to say, I never I rarely begrudged people or musician's big pay. 'check baton. You basically sold a bunch of these rides and said that, you know, basically buying himself a boat every time. Yeah. And also, you know, every time he did that he didn't have to do the grueling roadwork he would have otherwise had to do, and I don't begrudge at the same time for their legacy. It's definitely, I think it's hurt them, but he, I think he made a decision is like, well, I'm not eventually I won't be around for the legacy. Yeah, but I will be running my boat. I have raised this topic to myself. I said, Pete, I hear behind blue is now I think of other things besides songs using insomnia places, and he was just like, that's your problem. That's not my problem, you know? So he doesn't keyed, doesn't care. And I think a big thing that hurt them is that Roger in eighty round two thousand nine or so was having major vocal problems and yet surgery eventually which which caused a huge difference. But they played the Super Bowl at the peak of his uncle problems. So in front of the biggest audience, they ever had his voice wasn't there. He we were talking about this yesterday, the snow like the Super Bowl is a doer. Di occasion also came at a time when they were starting to become skeptical about like, why do we have to keep hearing all this old rock when you're facing that attitude, which is understandable attitude, you better bring it. You're talking about one of the greatest live bands of all time who had a bad night on one of the biggest nice of their career. If there was ever a lingering impression left on generation. Unfortunately, it's that and that sucks. And you know, I also think the who are kind of I don't wanna over. Generalize, they only have always had female fans, but they're a little bit of a dude band. There are perceived that way there. Roger has a macho aspect him. Pete is not macho. They're actually a pretty arty band, but I think it's kind of a misconception. But I think they're perceived as kind of just like macho dude rock, which is shame is more complicated, and I think that they never had lunch crossover hits, pop radio. There's never like a beast burden type who song that got got outside of the rock audience. They lot in many big hits, but they were rockets. I would also suggest that they are plagued by something that originally plagued them back in the early sixties, which is there's not really acute one. You know your trouble when they kind of put your drummer up in front to be the cute one in the pictures. I, it's, it's just the picture of Jimmy page swigging from Jack Daniels spot oil, and it looked so perfect or the iconic bad ass -ness of Mick, Keith. That translates across generation?.

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