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The public needs to know what is going on. I demanded and I'm trying to organize everybody that I can to call for this Republic. This report to be released to the public. There's there Senate legislation if I'm not mistaken introduced today by Chuck Grassley, and Richard Blumenthal that would essentially require a public version of the report, I think with exceptions made for redacting classified information. Do you foresee something like that passing out of the house in short order? Well, I think it could pass out of the house. Let me just say this the puck. Public has been very patient. They've been waiting. We have heard bits and pieces here and there, and we want to know in the public deserves to know. And so I support the legislation that it should be made public. And if there's classified information that has to be redacted, so be it, but make this report public Steve Mnuchin was one of the people who who's been making the case about the sanctions for Ola der, pasta, the Russian oligarch, who, of course, also employed Paul Manafort had a contact since indicted intermediary named constant Kalinic who would go back and forth between them dare pastas. Businesses have essentially escaped now the sanctions acts from department of treasury because they reorganized in ways the treasury department says they're happy with a lot of people unhappy on Capitol Hill. What's your response to the administration's actions? I'm not happy with it at all. I think that the, you know at the center of this. Question about whether or not the president colluded with Russia with Putin or the oligarchs, etc. Is the question of sanctions, we know that Putin wants these sanctions lifted and I've said from the beginning that I believe in. I don't have the proof. But I believe that Manafort was set to the campaign to be there to ensure that they get Trump elected in every way, they possibly could. And this is an exchange for him lifting the sanctions and don't forget, our president has said that he believes this ancient should be listed a one way or the other. So I just believe that Mnuchin is, of course, a guided by the president they all apart of, you know, this relationship that they have with Russia and Putin and went oligarchs, I mean, when you take a look at all of the allies of this president that's involved in this whole question, you cannot help but ask yourself what's at the bottom of this. And. I think it has been asked more than one time. Why are they all lying? I think it's about sanctions. And I think is very important for us to continue to pressure to get those sanctions continued at enforce and not to do what we've just witnessed. They're trying to do. And that is be involved with de listing on the sanctions congresswoman, Maxine Waters. Thank you for your time tonight. You're welcome. Thank you next. We'll Roger stone testify against President Trump. I'll talk to someone who wants considered Roger sodas mentor. Sam number on what angle he thinks. Stone is playing in two minutes..

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