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And extracted hundreds of thousands millions of dollars from all kinds of american all kinds of small business okay business big large and to in order to build up these ince's and men denied us access to that audience now i'm i'm a liberty leban guide and i say you can do anything with your business nobody tells me what to do with my business outside of what legal obviously and the same with facebook but when you do something like that that is the ultimate bait and switch and that's what i told them for shame facebook is a wonderful concept of wonderful company run by people who are not so wonderful well it is the largest thing ever created in the history of ma'am facebook is they make william randolph hearst local quietly true it's true i'm good friends with the his granddaughter not patty but is he has another granddaughter who's awesome and i say your patties your friends with patty patty's younger sister that's cool i'd have patty on the show she doesn't do any of that although i did get to do one thing twice that's so cool william randolph hearst has a place in northern california and it's called wind tune and it's where he used to stay he stayed during world war two because they thought sense him yeah gonna get bombed and it was it's been in the hearst family since world war one and i got to stay there twice for couple of weeks and you get your own mansion and your own servant and it's unbelievable thing ever and it's like william randolph hearst say you know what's also interesting is most people today don't know what a william randolph hearst is.

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