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At Lena. Twenty eight degrees in downtown. I'm lover Shahir is here's what's happening to the passengers were transported to hospital. Those seventeen year olds were serious injuries. There was one other passion was fifteen years old had minor injuries are investigating a single car crash that killed a seventeen year old and injured three other teens. The Cherokee county sheriff's office says the car lost control on old orange mill road near creek view high school Tuesday afternoon, it's very beautiful road from it is very curvy. And there's a large embankment trees off to the side. And the car actually went off the road. He struck a tree on. There was a small fire with the accident as well. The teen who died has been identified as Stephen Smith. A high school senior a lawsuit is claiming cadets at riverside military, academy in Gainesville Hayes and sexually assaulted another in two thousand twelve and thirteen the suit was found in US district court earlier this month, a former cadet says he had his head repeatedly bashed. Against the wall by his roommate and others the suit is seeking one hundred thousand dollars in damages and a refund intuition coming up W A. Okay news. Well, above the status quo is a use servant organization. That was started in two thousand fifteen to count address the educational gap here in Atlanta above the status quo is having their third annual triumphant us a gala on Saturday December. First the details on the gala and the organization that's coming up. Sports. Now, Atlanta United headstone New Jersey for the second leg of their Eastern Conference. Final tomorrow, Atlanta blanketed the red bulls. Three Neil in the first leg Sunday at home sporting, Kansas City and Portland played to a scoreless tie in the first leg of their west.

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