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Is new in your world do you remember actress of Angeline lily she is the co star of the movie ant man and the wasp she was on the show a lot yeah well she's taken a stand against self quarantining danced against saying that it was business as usual as she dropped her children off for their activities okay I mean but it's not business as usual where is she hopefully far away from me in a lawful I don't know why I you know I can't confirm where she is on planet earth I did live in Hawaii when they were doing losses right but I don't know where she is now yeah she took a photograph of a Cup of tea and then captured her comment just dropped off my kids at gymnastics camp they all wash their hands before going in there playing and laughing fast tag businesses usual no no business is usual should not be your theme song right now wait there's more god she responded to some people making comments about her choices on Instagram and said I have two young kids some people value their lives over freedom some people value freedom over their lives we all make our choices one okay girl but here's the problem people what do you see on your face is for just you right now and you also don't have freedom if you don't have a life he is a relevant life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not the pursuit of happiness and then some other stuff liberty and life you got to have the life first you idiot so does K. I will also like right let it out the palace of Monaco says prince Albert the second has tested positive for covert nineteen but his health is not worrying Albert sixty two years old and appears to be the first head of state who has publicly said that he is contracted the virus the palaces Albert is continuing to work from his home office in the palace and is in constant contact with members of his government I mean I wish everyone well but he's in a castle hello yeah I still don't know the difference if you have to ask Colleen right I don't get to know each.

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