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I'm not just talking about the record at injury, A big injury lost. Thomas Bryant, likely out for the season suffered a torn A C L on his left knee. In the four point loss Saturday of Miami Heat That was a game the Wizards they're not have Bradley Beal because of MBA health and safety protocols. Remember Jason Tatum tested positive covert 19 Wizards played the Celtics on Friday night, but Bradley Bill will play tonight. But Russell Westbrook still out with the quad injury again, it's the Wizard said sons Tonight the voice of football team that goes round. Rivera. How proud I am of these guys. Just because of how resilient tough minded How much they went through and how they're able to keep their focus on football. I mean, they went through a lot, and yet they persevered and just how much you like they had. Last week. You know, in terms of winning on Sunday and then the whole week of preparation and so many story lines like quarterback Taylor, Hi, Nikki. But on the other side, not playing being the real world and it's not fun. It's not as fun as this. I want to be in the NFL. You know the other side of the ball chase. Young believes cream better man is never finished second and legal defense that was going through everything that you know, everybody had to say We were one of five. I mean, this is your one. This is just beginning and that's what fans were counting on and ready. You're not. It's a college football title game tonight between Ohio State and Alabama, Dave Johnson. If you feel the sports Hey, thank you. It's 10 47. Here's Dr Marie Harper, the dean of a Dr Wallace E. Boston School of Business, had American Military University on leading forward the link between higher education and our future government work force sponsored by American Military University. I saw this new norm as an opportunity to assist businesses with what they need to do in order to meet the challenges and hopefully, opportunities of this new norm and we looked at our program kept some of the basics, but added some What we consider new skills that would assist these businesses. And our approach is to have the degree programs which are the traditional way of doing education, but also offering in a short term certificates that may help them with skills that are necessary for businesses to rebuild..

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