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And so we decided to create this threeyear plan around a brand film so as to make sure that if and that's normal with lifecycle management for product if product goes up and down tents change you still have a very strong brand positioning statement that people can go back to and be like okay i understand that brand i might not be buying you know zarak's fluxes but now i'm by nn mds but i still get with the brand is about and that was the thought process behind the brand campaign when we rolled it out and it was a threeyear plan right now we're at the end of it and so we're figuring out also what the next three years are gonna entail it's exciting was music always a part of that campaign immune did you go back and forth on the amine is such a strong element of the film itself as was curious yeah yeah wanna let you in on a little secret so the music comes before for any of the actual creative development of the campaign and i think that's what gives the power is that we really think through the music and then think through with the visual elements are which is flipping everything on the side because if you know when you work in any kind of communication you think of the campaign development the filmed the creative development and then what music are we going to put on it and then which artist are we gonna work with and then what kind of editor are we going to do but we actually flipped that and realist start from that to then build in the film reference and so i think that's why we get a lot of praise on how the edits with the music a very sharp and being so sharp they really build off of each other so well that they make it even more impactful while that is a secret i like thank you thank you i'm sure everyone listings gonna appreciate as well so if you're talking to other marketers like yourself in your mind how do they get more from their brand building efforts you've got a lot of things fight.

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