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Hill I! Everyone is Shannon. I. higher happier here later on in this episode we are going to be talking a bit about the danger of the allure of complacency complacency, warm bath. That'll kill ya well. A warm bath with a built-in toaster. Toaster in the bathroom, so it's kind of. Didn't a TUB. People were actually sounds Kinda good. Activity Tomorrow Yeah. Model our bathroom, if we ever get a chance to do that, build a little jam container and. Nice. So stars people is a community center endeavor. We could come up with great ideas about eating toast in the TUB. Yeah, seriously. You never thought of that before, but now you're thinking about it like that sounds actually really nice. Come for the vulnerability and open heart discussion stay for the off the cuff innovation. Stars as a community centered endeavor So, what does that mean? It means that It's one of the ways Shannon and I worked to aggregate a community we're. We're on a path. She and I and we're looking for like minded souls. So, this various forms So if you would like to be one of the people who is involved a little bit more misfits stars, we would love that. Yeah, the biggest form that takes is that you know? We have the Mr Starr's podcast and we also have our misfit stars Patriot community, and this is a group of people who support the work that Shannon and I do in the world with recurring small dollar monthly donations subscriptions basically via our misfit stars patron community. And if you want to be part of that good misfits, stars dot com slash. Join the thing that you will get aside from a warm of supporting two people whose work you appreciate. Is. You will also get invited to our private misfit stars facebook group, which is the best place on the Internet lovely, especially in this time when everything just feels extra fraught, extra high-tension. Everyone's on edge on the Internet in general, it's just this calm place where people talk in a respectful kind, helpful fashion with each other about difficult things or not difficult things. That's not all struggle but you know if you do need to. Work through something that you just wouldn't feel safe to work through in public on regular facebook, it's the perfect place for it because everyone will be supportive and kind and helpful and Nice, and it's so great, and it's group of people who I really believed that the folks that are there. Vast majority of them are really just trying to learn about how to be better and how to do better, and we're trying our best to help each other do that. That's it's not people who've got it all figured out. If you have all the answers, please don't try to get getting there. For you. But if you don't feel like you have all the answers, you might really love it I.

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