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Hundred ninety one Matt bars field goal with no time left gives the New York. Giants a fifteen to thirteen victory over the defending champions. The San Francisco forty Niners for the NFC title this week in one thousand nine hundred eighty six baseball owners unanimously approved interleague play to begin in nineteen Ninety-seven and this week in two thousand two the tuck rule game in the AFC divisional playoff game with under two minutes to play the New England Patriots trailed the Oakland Raiders thirteen to ten in a driving snowstorm the name tuck rule game originates from the controversial game changing play where cornerback Charles Woodson sack. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady which caused a fumble. That was recovered by the raiders officials reviewed the play and eventually determined that even though Brady had seemingly halted his passing motion. And was attempting to tuck the ball back into his body. It was an incomplete pass and not a fumble. As a result. The ball was given back to the patriots who moved the ball into Phil tired. And then they want it not that's your iheartradio weekend. Sports time capsule. Here's what some people at the big networks and big newspapers don't understand that your smart. And that you want to be talked with not talked at. W I s and radio one of the reasons we exist east to find out exactly what you think news talk eleven thirty w I s where your opinion counts. Republicans in the state Senate are going to oppose and potentially defeat the nomination.

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