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Process if president trump insists that jerusalem is on the table this translates into only one think that peace is off the table that palestinians and israelis would be pushed deeper into the cycle of violence and counterviolence former personal assistance has filed an arrest made suit against disgrace film producer harvey weinstein given the sexual harassment stories that have swirled around harvey weinstein in recent months you might think being the movie moguls personal assistant would be a particularly icke job according to a federal lawsuit it was sunday hall who was weinstein's assistant for two years so she suffers from severe emotional distress as a result among her duties setting up an apartment near weinstein's new york office for his sexual liaisons and cleaning seaman off the office couch rahall says she was also subjected to incessant sexual harassment a spokeswoman says weinstein category denies the accusations worn and levinson new york this is ap radio news last year's best actor winner won't be at the oscars as the presenter a p entertainment editor oscar wells gabriel reported to consequence of the meat to movement just enacted the scene casey affleck who won the best actor award last year for manchester by the sea standing on stage to present an oscar to the new winner of the best actress award for the people who run the oscars that would have been unimaginable especially in the wake of the sexual harassment scandal that has inundated hollywood since last fall bottom line affleck will not be there and the academy is basically thanking him for making himself scarce it is unclear with the affleck was asked not to appear or whether this was all his idea a moscow wells gabriel police in a detroit suburb say two hostages have been released from above bank per one might still be inside with a man who tried to rob that bank canton township police spokesman barb caruso says they are still negotiating with the man i've tim mcguire ap radio news despite a decade of work googles.

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