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Apparently gonna you know. At least it's it's it. Seems like it's it's trending towards him starting the season as the as at left tackle. But he's he's he's still unknown We all love kevin dawson. I think he'll be fine at left. Guard kendrick green again. He's somebody we all love. We're all excited about. But he's just rookie and he struggled a little bit at least in preseason. Jc hassen our kind of looks like he improved this year and he showed it in training camp and preseason. He struggled mightily last year in a six game to be played. So you don't know if if if it's if it's an actual improvement or if he just benefited from playing against a bunch of second third and fourth stringers in the preseason so you know one of those two guys is likely going to be. You're starting center. And they're both unproven in sort of unknowns. Trae turn her i think he's a decent fettering. He certainly not the player it used to be. When he was a pro bowler with the panthers years ago But i think he'll be fine with him. He'll be a you know a decent again a decent veteran on the right side. I mean. is it going to be szucs. He kinda struggled a bit last year on a right. Tackle zach banner. I mean people for assuming that he's you know when he comes in he's eventually healthy right tackle spot and and and and not and not look back but remember this contest that was apparently Con context for the right tackle spot the competition for the right tackle spot in twenty twenty twenty twenty or is apparently really really close between these two guys and we saw how much schuch struggled last year. So what does that say about zach. Banner you know. And we've only seen him in in. What three three and a half quarters of play so far a professional football player starting at at right tackle. So you want. He does come back. It doesn't mean that he's gonna take take the bull by the horns so to speak in and just really Cemented his his his Position or status as a starting right tackle. So yeah definitely caused concern. I think we should have expected that you know when you have such a massive overhaul like they did you know. It's not going to be a seamless transition to your new starting five. You had to know. They're they're gonna be growing pains. A some players were going to underperform. Some are going to get hurt. And i think that's what we're seeing right now. So the question is can they get it together. Can they find the right combination sooner rather than later after the regular season starts. That's that's the question I'm not. I'm not ready to to write them off. As far as i think there's a lot of towel on this line. I i again. I'm really excited about about more and datsuns. I think he's this close to being a stud in a kendrick. Green has has a lot of potential. It's just a matter of of Can they realize it. And if you if you have three young guys who who really become great professional offensive lineman well then. That's that's a. that's a lot of the heavy lifting. Then it's just a matter of of filling in the gaps so to speak and and that would be right garden right tackle. So there's reason to be concerned but i don't think there's reason to panic just yet when it comes to your line. We'll see how how unfolds before it started the year and even then let's see what else we have here from dennis sheridan and he says if they put another inside linebacker going to go down there and get in people's faces. Well i think that would be warranted. It's because it's happened a lot over the last few years but again that's where that's where you have to find the right combination of of defensive backs to to Ops to make sure that doesn't happen but at the same time this is where this offensive coordinators get paid to because they they're paid to create these kinds of matchup mismatches. You know so. Yeah i mean yeah you can blame for that. And he's certainly deserves blame. But how much credit Give the coordinate. The opposing coaches to for devising game plans that that put these linebackers and these bad position so it works both ways. All right devin. logan. Says two. And i'm praying can be okay. Not just physically. I lost my brother. Two years ago was hardest thing. I ever felt but didn't want face world for well after that. Yeah i mean. I can't imagine i've really knock on wood and whatever i haven't experienced that kind of lost yet. Hopefully i never happy when it comes to my siblings or anybody else that i'm close to you know to young but Yeah i mean you have to put yourself in their shoes. That's we're empathy comes in and You know imagine going trying to go to work every day with such a after after suffering such a tragic loss in your family. I mean semi to it who you know obviously makes an incredible living. I'm sure i'm sure. He has a lot of responsibilities in his family. Anybody would who makes that kind of money. with their family and so i'm sure a lot of the the the the burden as far as like dealing with the loss of of his brother and a funeral and everything. I'm sure foul on his shoulders. So you have that. Plus you have the grieving process. Of course you know. He's dealing with an injury. So yeah you know. It's not just something you you snap your fingers. Then you're okay you know it it's People talking about distractions tweets. Whatever right. i think that's a bunch of malarkey and not to sound not the really go crazy with my one of my. I swear words but you know take talk. That's nothing like this is a this is real life right here. This isn't a real life distraction. This is the kind of thing that that You know can really interfere with your kurt with your profession so hopefully this just for not even for a football thing just for him as a person that he he can find a way to deal with this in in can't really move on from anything like that but learned to cope with it and and and live with it so all right check.

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