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And unfortunately, when you lose power or something like that happens speaking of travel or attempted travel Ryan Braun of the brewers. You know, you kinda need a passport to get to Canada. Even though we have a very familiar relationship with with the two countries. Well, he didn't have his passport. He couldn't go on their on their last Roach of the the preseason. Okay. And Ryan bronze defense Doug laid out this morning in his sports casts. The brewers haven't played quote unquote internationally in a couple of years, and they only go very not very often at all. But you'd think the brewers would have someone there to check on it. And maybe I can see you got a lot on your mind. You're getting ready for the you know, the season opening day just a couple of days away. But not a great moment at the airport. I wouldn't think their defense Ryan Braun probably was. You're gonna play much anyway. So you can probably have him sit back home, and relaxing and get ready for the big open around on Thursday, which we will be a part of Jeff Jeff Wagner, and it'll be Doug on Thursday morning at Miller park brewers game day live cannot weights. But for Ryan Braun embarrassing. I know they have an issue with his home and the fire situation in California. That's probably adding to this as well. Because when you try to scramble the put all your possessions together, your important stuff stuff like that kinda get misplaced or it can get put in a box where you don't necessarily know where it is. But if this was a regular season game, and they were going there, then I'd be a little more worried than national media would be all over was a regular season game story. So Ryan bronze going to be okay. He'll be ready for opening day. A little bit of travel for the the Viking cruise ship. Ryan braun. No passport. No entry to Canada. He'll be fine. We'll be fine. We'll see an opening day, Steve and Mike Spaulding. Eric has off today. Jordan Gazza Rousey producing. It's a rite of passage for every brewers fan as the boys of summer are back to defend their and Al central division. Crown? Don't miss WTMJ's opening day lives. We broadcast live from Miller park. Open Thursday from players coaches, Mr. baseball himself, Bob euchre as we get to set to kick off the twenty nineteen championship season is opening day. Live starting at nine AM this Thursday sponsored by century foods outdoor living unlimited and say back. I cannot wait picked up my media pass today. I'll be out at Miller park fairly early on Thursday, probably about seven thirty four. I think a nine o'clock start. It's always a lot of fun. The tailgaters usually beat me. There sounds like it's going.

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