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Robert Thank you for having me on today. It's an honor to be part of your podcast. Well, it does seem like one of those things where you could literally spend hours and going deep into the minutia of Lamborghini, but I think this is really an opportunity to share, not just some Lamborghini tidbits, but acquaint them with what I consider to be one of the most dynamic and active clubs in the hallmark spectrum like I say LLC a Lamborghini Club America. America something kinda special. You've done an amazing job with it. Thank you Robert, I really appreciate that anti function of a few different things you know I, the Lamborghini Club. Although it's smaller, it has a very deep penetration into the market, so we have a high percentage of owners in America. Are Club members, and we have a large international group of members as well so that the club played isn't you know size of like the BMW claw, which has forty or fifty thousand members, and although they're very big organizations that do a lot of great things, and they're very successful. The percentage of members to owners is smaller than what we are, so we have several thousand club members in. There may only be fifteen twenty thousand lamborghinis in North America. Isn't that amazing? Well, you know. You're obviously no stranger to the World Lamborghini you're an owner, ear and enthusiast, and you're really the best friend of a lot of owners who need a connection. We'll talk about that a little later on because connections are what the Lamborghini Club is really about, but you mentioned that it's a smaller organization because they're frankly, aren't that many Lamborghinis to go around and boy talk about a a rare bird back in the sixties and seventies and early eighties, Lamborghinis were really something rare, and I guess the club goes back that far, doesn't it to like nine, hundred, seventy, five or something? Was it to your spot on Robert? The club was. was founded in nineteen, seventy five, so it's forty five years old now. WHO started the club? Was that Jim Hetty or was someone else? It was someone else so to be fair it a gentleman. The first real club president was a guy named Don. Tag Naughty Oh right done via the club leadership. It's a labor of law. There's no paycheck or anything like that. You're donating your time, but there are perks to it. You get to make connections make good friends. That's how you and I met for example and its connections that are otherwise impossible to make its right so especially taking on a role of responsibility in a club. You get to meet more people in interact with more facets of the brand. So that's what it's done for me. Boy! Isn't it a fact back in the Stone Age, so to speak of Lamborghini. The brand was a whole different animal than it is today prior Audi acquisition of the mark, and I guess by the time the Mercy Lago start at roller off the line in two thousand one and followed by the Jarkko. became a whole different of fish in a much more active group of drivers back in the seventies I mean Gosh. Yeah, hardly had a handful of car. Yeah, yeah, you hardly hit a handful of cars, and they're only a couple of dealers in the country. So what you had was a club that was founded for mostly technical resource. That's right. There really wasn't much of a social angle of the club back then it was primarily focused on having resources for buying selling and trading parts in knowing where to go to get service you know. Isn't that the truth? I remember talking with a fellow named Jack Robbins Jackie's yes course. Jack was the original west coast. Tech for Bob Estes. Estes who was the West? Coast Importer Jake Kaplan imported the cars into the east, coast and this is back in the beginning of Lamborghini when my old four hundred gt was imported, and your mirrors were coming into the country. We'll talk about those later. And Jack told me a story years and years ago. I guess he had flown over to Italy with Bob Esty to see, Ferruccio, tour the factory, and and basically begged and pleaded with Ferruccio, said please. Will you produce some service manuals for our mechanics? America and Ferruccio blew up and said if I wanted the cars to be fixed in America, I would make manuals. Owners supposed to send them back the factory when they need repair. Well. Can you imagine that shipping your mirror back to San Diego back? In nineteen seventy to get a new water pump put in right. Right Times were different. We'll speak at a times. When did you take over the club? Andrew so I, came to Lamborghini World Two thousand five, when I purchased the Abloh, and I immediately joined the club, and I found that the club was smaller than other clubs I belong to at the time for example I was a member of the Viper Club America. And you know the Viper. World is bigger than the Lamborghini worlds. So it was a little bit of a difference in culture, so I started to volunteer and help out and I I took over the Midwest region of the club, and then as Jim and Joan Hettie retired around two thousand eleven and two thousand twelve. We did a full transition and I took over the club completely well, you've certainly put insurmountable amount of work into it and achieved some really great thing. Since obviously, the mark has changed. The club has changed, but. But what I like about the clubs, there's really room for everyone old cars and new cars. This is what makes it exciting. Yeah, there certainly is and what's important about that is that we are all Lamborghini owners, and it is one of the core values of the club that we are inclusive to old owners and new owners is some of the vintage Lamborghini? Owners don't like the new car. Some of the new cars just don't know anything about the older cars. So having that diversity in club creates a lot of opportunities for education inexperience for cars that you haven't experienced before subsequently can we've had a lot of club members transition back and forth from one to the other or add another to their collection. I wanted to ask you about that. Because that to me is what's fascinating. Somebody goes out. They buy a brand, new hurricane or or vintage. Or Whatnot we'll talk about some of the new cars later on in this conversation, but what amazes me is that someone might not really be aware of the fact that Lamborghini made cars back into the sixties. I know when I've shown. My old four hundred I've had people. Marvel's you mean that's elaborate. Gainey I didn't know they were that. Old People assume that they sort of like the birth of Venus Sprang from a clam shell as a fully formed coon. Tosh and there was really nothing before that. That, but in fact there are old Lamborghinis, and those points of history are what make the mark so absolutely fascinating when people start to learn about those cars. Yeah, it's interesting that you bring that up when I joined the Lamborghini ownership community something that I found was that almost every owner new the entire model range and in addition to knowing the model range. They knew a bit about the brand. They knew who fruit show Lamborghini was. They knew that he was a farmer and built farm equipment. and. They also knew Valentino. Balboni is retired famous test driver and they knew a lot about the culture and the things that go along with Lamborghini now. You have a lot of modern owners, which is important to the sustainability of the brand in the club, and it represents an important milestone for growth to the brand bud. These owners are sometimes making a less emotional decision when they're buying the car. They're buying a car. Maybe because of the performance numbers or the design is the influence of the Lamborghini Brian. History or the culture is. Absent or unknown to a lot of new car buyers, so that's one thing that the club is noticed, and we've been working to help to educate the new Lamborghini buyer on what the brand is about, and that starts to preach what we believe. It's to pull them into the community to help make them at a loyal part of it, so they continue to be a Lamborghini owner, and if they're doing a two or three year lease, they don't leave for another brand well. Isn't that absolutely true? Because the more you appreciate, the history and really the magic. Magic of the mark, the more you come to realize that there's nothing quite like Lamborghini. The fact is really Lamborghini started as a unique vision with a V, twelve engine that nobody else had to in every way outperform outdistance the Ferraris of the era Lamborghini is always sort of stood for that kind of stake in the ground, upping the ante, really trying to chart their own course and build a better car. There really is a sole. Lamborghini it's absolutely a unique talion soul automobile, Lamborghini America's does a lot to support your club and its own is. More engaged now than they've ever been before in your club, itself has a number of chapters. Tell us how it's organized..

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