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I'm Daniel Vargas SpaceX confirming today that they need more time before they can do their next Falcon nine rocket launch. The launch for the transporter to mission was scheduled to take place tomorrow afternoon. And although they did have a backup window on Saturday, they say that the next window depends on check outs. The time to troubleshoot any problems. The mission is the company's second Rideshare mission, which will carry small satellites for the U. S. Military along with radar, among other items, President Biden says that both sides have come to an agreement on infrastructure deal. But that doesn't mean his economic lawmaking is finished. Yes, they have a roads, rails and bridges deal, But Republicans won't like what's next? A simple majority reconciliation bill Democrats want for childcare, education, clean energy and more, not just sign of the bipartisan bill and forgetting about the rest. I That proposed President Biden could face resistance of Republicans see there less than a trillion dollar deal high to multi trillions more in a simple Senate majority reconciliation Bill Andy Field, ABC NEWS Washington Antoni Just as the Tokyo Olympics are set to begin in a few weeks, we're learning that two athletes have already tested positive for Covid in Japan, a second member of Uganda's Olympics team testing positive for Covid 19 after arriving in Japan for next month's Tokyo Games. You just a Koru, secretary General of the Uganda Olympic Committee, saying in a statement quote the member is asymptomatic and being looked after by the health authorities Anitsu Misano city the rest of the team as well. This comes as the decision to hold the Olympics amid the pandemic remains deeply controversial. Reporter Inez Delicate era Alright, Daniel. Thank you very much. 6 19. If you're sitting in traffic, we'll get to that in a moment. First. It's Chief meteorologist Tom Terry, with the full five day forecast is brought to you by protect air conditioning and plumbing services. Thomas. What's up, Tony? Another round of showers and storms coming a bit earlier. In fact, they're already racing toward the west toward the Gulf Coast. This stronger onshore breeze off the water from the Atlantic is the primary reason why we're getting the showers a bit sooner. We'll also see some slightly cooler weather because of it over the next couple of days. So showers moving out for late tonight. We'll see a high tomorrow Only around 85 that see where he's coming by before one o'clock about 50% rain coverage tomorrow, similar to what We had today. Everything moving toward the West Coast Saturday down to a 40% chance for showers more likely in our western zones and temperatures in the mid to upper eighties Sunday and Monday about a 30% chance for showers and again moving from east to west. They extended five day forecast four times an hour. I'm Tom Terry once again 81 dry here at W. D. B o So the heaviest of the rain continuing just south of the attractions right along I four. Around Champions Gate celebration and into Paul County. And, yes, we have a red alert now. Jackie O Brien in the safe touch security, triple team traffic. Jackie, what's happening on I four eastbound. Yes, it's going to be up at 4 34 Fire Rescue got here Pretty quick crashes in the two left lanes. Multi vehicle so far, you're just backing up past the exit. Just make sure you stay to the right to get by eastbound slowdowns through Poke two Champions gate. I'll feel the parkway to 5 35. Hard to Lee Road on the westbound side downtown, heavy part of colonial past Sand Lake Down past center for the Parkway, Osceola Parkway past the 4 29, and we get a crash on Aloma westbound at Lake Mont. This report is sponsored by Panera and Panera. Dinner is hot and ready to serve, Bring home Banaras, cheesy flatbread pizzas, toasty sandwiches or creamy mac and cheese with delivery or pickup. Availability and pricing may vary with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning. We're helping you get to work on time from the Wdbo Triple team Traffic Center. I'm Jackie O Brien. Yeah. Well, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that the cruise lines who have been idle for well over a year now are losing a lot of money. Exactly How much did.

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