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Of one of those actors that was part of not like a rat pack but almost like a British tisch version of around the time of Sinatra. and Peter O'Toole and Oliver Reed on. Oh heavy drink hard-drinking kind of actors if the time is Montgomery clift in that group Not In the rat packer. Don't think it was who was the TV host he used to host it. Peter rat pack was rat. Pack was Sinatra Dean Martin Lawford. Joe Bishop this June so in the UK one. I think it was read. O'Toole Richard Burton But they were connected because obviously Elizabeth Taylor is sort of the glue between all of that. And then you know Elizabeth Taylor. They're married Eddie. Fisher and Debbie Reynolds Donald. So there's all that kind of weird incestuous kind of was Hollywood religions Elizabeth Taylor married w sheet she elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds finals. were sort of like enemies because Eddie Fisher cheat on Debbie Reynolds with Elizabeth Taylor. Okay I think she might. I think Elizabeth Taylor married. which about in twice? That sounds right. Yeah I think I assumed that clift was part of that because he had a car accident that I thought was drinking related but I guess he fell asleep just enor- fall just a classic fooling the knoll sober falling asleep. The victim believed to be a man in his mid twinsies which is tragically young story ruined right now crystallized into those Bear he was found lying on a wooden bed. Barry by volcanic ash at Huck huck uranium. He was probably killed instantly by the eruptions. Dr Paternity analysis of charred wood. Found near the body showed a maximum temperature of five. Five hundred and twenty degrees. C was reached. Is this the same recent study where they found that someone was masturbating POMPEII. Because there was. It's definitely a story recently K.. No but I feel like that would have found this way to this show. Yeah oh no I I remember but possibly not masturbating. He's like protecting his package from oncoming. He couldn't he. Couldn't it just being like yelling. Noah his penis Lovera. Why why did you get ten times? I didn't I ice days decided. These Alex awed an Italian enough name to give.

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