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You Panis. What did you got him jail? Yeah. Yeah, I got there. He was worried about what a lot of people driving down the street looking to in the left my pants. Yo Malin Panish to the station. Somebody told me we sound nasty last night. Oh, right. OK, I know it was gonna come to that one day where you're just gonna be straight up called nasty. Why? You gotta be nasty because you're like a older guy. And you still, you know, appreciate the You know the beauty. You know the excitement you get from You know? I guess I am slipping into look crazy. A little creepy voice. Okay, let's get back on track. We have an action packed show tonight. Um and and it has just been thinking about this Two things hit me today when I literally said we have an action packed show tonight. Um, we're gonna have the second installment of our brand new legal segment with Tampa Attorney Moses DeWitt of just call mo dot com That's gonna be at 7 P.m. on Fridays. And immediately after we talked to Moe We do the mo better news, So I'm thinking. Why don't we just start calling Friday's Mo Friday Mm. And the only thing I would need to sandwich that with Is another a new most segment on Friday. Near the end of the show. Beer the week we're not doing that right now that time is it's still here and then we also We come right back at you. At eight o'clock. With Jr's crazy eight. And now I'm thinking Why isn't J r Krazy eight just eight stories? Mm. Yeah, like Bill is right in front of us. And then There's no time with Spike. But then that ain't right with Spike happens after that. So I don't know. I just felt I felt like that was Maybe some things that we could do to just kind of like hone in what we're doing, and then we have more Friday with which leads you into the weekend. And you wanna hear some more of MO It's the, um where you got the most way. Cat named Moshe. Oh, I was just like the mobile show No cat named MO show every Saturday from 4 to 6 right here. So it's almost like, you know, just kind of we make more Friday and then you know you just kind of slide in the Saturday Yeah. Just trying to brand a little bit more. You know, since we got all the money here we go. I felt I gotta admit some, uh more yarn about this. But About five Powerball tickets today, Um You know, I went hard. Well, I went hard on the lottery. Yesterday. I went hard on lottery. Now I have to take full disclosure. I did not set out to buy lottery tickets for myself. My dad hit me with It was like, you know, the lottery. You say it's up there, man. It's ah! What is it now? Mom? I know what's the current who would probably had about 650 Million and one and about 600. The other Tonight is the mega millions drawing. So get two tickets while you can. Okay, See, I didn't get no mega million's man. I got the Powerball. Yeah, I just got the Powerball. That's tomorrow. Okay, Well, what's the one tonight? The mega me? I don't know that. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, you had after the show, Run out, Grab your mega millions. How much is that for me? What I mean, What do you get in price is the same thing you get. Do you get the the mega millions with the extra number? I forget what they call it, but I just go the extra number. And it's three bucks. You gotta be by $3 Take it. Okay. Okay. So right now, I do have, uh, five Powerball tickets, right? Right. Probably. Okay, So here's the thing My dad says, you know, statistically, you have no chance of winning. But for 640 million go get me five and I said all right on while when I went in there to get his five. I mean, I'm standing there. I might as well get five for myself as well. Then I put to the set. I mean, it's all gonna be the same. You know what I mean? Like, if he if he went to go in there and grab the ticket, right, Okay. I'm gonna put this out there. Case. Anybody listening? Always like, always liked you. Okay? Okay. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm I'm a buy you a new used truck. Okay, hold on. We gotta squelch this conversation right now. I'm the one that's been preaching the lottery to you since we met so first contained, you break off Need to come this way by my brother man. You know, I already got you all I got you, Spike. I got you and Mo I got you all right? And J r well, but but I got both of y'all after me and J. R C M a need I'm a need an assistant to travel the world with me so I can figure out what to do with my money. Yes. So J. R that pays where you know I can probably front you about 23 million, because, See, I need you to not be worried about money. All right, actually, so I could worry less. Nobody, but we're we're gonna hook you up. When we come back. You don't want the money I gave you before I leave. You want to get the money? I put you in a much better position going to play a couple of things. They're a couple of things. You don't put me on the same tier spiked A and b. I's my quote, J G went word my money, and I want it Now, when you get back, I want my money now, But listen, I'm okay. Me and you're gonna go pick up Careful. There ain't no, me and you, spike? No. Maybe this is why somebody gets shot when you count the money right there. Everything all right? You don't know leaving. Hey, no. But seriously, though, like a real conversation here, Um If I did win $640 million, I would. I would probably I would probably have. I would need a sedative. You know, like, I wouldn't even a quail Lucas. Like I would need something to keep me like low low energy. I mean, I'm in Tallahassee so I can I can run to the lot of office from here, right right where you are, And nobody even know you go like if I win, and all of a sudden I'm out of town for four days. And you know somebody in Florida wanted. Yeah, it looks suspicious. Let's suspect but you e could get there. And five e could get there in 10 minutes. Right now, I'd be knocking on the front door with the mask on Get me my money on And then when they bring me my money, I know they don't bring the money, but They bring me my money. If the lady don't have a mask on, I cuss a lot and then leave and then they'll probably know they're probably know I wanted When I go, I'll go rip the marching 100. I've never seen him going through my neighborhood playing, and that's the first thing that's the most Tallahassee thing You can do. How much money most do you know? Oh, you about that was about go ahead. You and ask the question, legitimately. How much money do you think? Would give you like you go. This is thank you. This is a This is a decent amount. Well, I was going to give you a figure that I thought I would be old. But if you want to go that no, no, I want to know a legit figure where we would both be in agreement. Like you say, This is a fair amount that if the world knew if the world knew that I want $640 million And they say you gave a cat named Mo X Amount all man, that's that's that's pretty good. Seeing as I have been preaching the advantages of playing the lottery gave you afraid you can't win. If you don't play kept the blood never heard. Let me write that down. You can't win. If you don't play, I would walk away with zero animus,.

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