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Bears against the Oakland Raiders for years with the raiders now with the bears linebacker Khalil Mack is looking for a little pay back the loan to. this number is on the phone with them though the the the thing to do king won and easier for results not to sight see. I love the and hello to try to get this win back his seventeen sacks intend forced fumbles since joining the bears last season compared to a raiders defense that has just eighteen sacks and eight forced fumbles from the entire unit timers ABC news London the university of may not happy with kids states investigation of its decision to halt a women's field hockey game that was tied with no score to make way for fireworks for a football game Kent state says the investigation by its office of compliance equal opportunity and affirmative action concluded there was no title nine violation or gender related bias you main says it's disappointed the Kent state didn't interview student athletes were disrespected by Kent state's actions. an autistic boy who became well known for voicing his love of music at a concert last year getting a close up view of the classical world as we hear from A. B. C.'s Michelle friends. it's been a year since wrote in that and it's been back to Symphony Hall in Boston the nine year old autistic music lover rarely speaks but following the orchestra's final notes last year to a Mozart piece he shouted out. a magical moment grandfather who took him along with the audience and conductor Hary Christopher's suddenly this is innocent while from somewhere back there in the whole which just made its way everybody grown in getting the chance to meet him and this weekend invited to rehearsals before Hayden societies opening night inspired by music and now inspiring others Michelle Franzen ABC news New Hampshire state police say one person was killed when a tractor trailer and a car collided here in the northern New Hampshire John of Randolph troopers say the collision happened at about a quarter to three this morning on route to they say the driver of the car was killed the tractor trailer driver not injured. calling all pilots United Airlines wants to hire ten thousand new pilots over the next ten years they need them to replace the nearly six thousand who are retiring potential candidates may even get their education and training all paid their other competitors like south western delta have also launched recruitment programs for pilots over the past year. Jodi arias serving life in prison for the two thousand eight killing her boyfriend in Arizona it was a trial received a lot of media coverage now the Arizona Republic reports that are uses conviction may be overturned due to prosecutorial misconduct claims the Arizona court of appeals has agreed to consider America out he county prosecutor's actions in the K. C. allegedly provided information to a blogger covering the trial which included false testimony. on this day fifty years ago hog Tober fifth nineteen sixty nine Monty python's flying circus made its debut on the B. B. C.. Monty python's flying circus ran for six years soon lives on to this day and repeats. well a new memorial will soon be going up in the nation's capital all those in favor signify by saying aye plans for a memorial honoring Americans who served in World War one have received final approval from the national capital Planning Commission meaning work on the project can begin in the coming months the slate was already selected by Congress Matthew places a senior urban designer with the commission this will be beneficial as a whole the memorial will be in a park about a block from the White House featuring a fountain of pulled in a freestanding wall depicting a sculpture of soldiers Nick I Nelly ABC news Washington. Miguel Marrero who Taunton convicted of second degree murder the twenty three year old accused of using a thirty eight caliber pistol to kill Gordon weeks three years ago the Bristol county DA says he's happy with the jury's decision the whole borough accountable moral will be sentenced next Friday. ten thirty one point nine online at W..

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