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Productivity club is for you co working. Space is a virtual work community designed to help members be more effective efficient in their work and personal lives at its core. We provide goal tracking and host focused action sessions. Throughout the week for accountability income rotary visit anything but idle dot com forward slash co working to learn more co working space lives inside personal productivity club a digital community for personal productivity enthusiasts. So you can find people who use methods and tools you do to again head over to anything but idle dot com forward slash co working to see how co working space can help you be more productive and now back to our show. Welcome back everybody to anything but idle. I'm ray sidney smith joint here with acoustic panels and so we are back from the break. And we're going to cover the rest of the headlines this week. This is our pleaser productivity articles. And so what is our first productivity article this week who style so the first one come from venturebeat and says a catalog. Productivity software overload is killing workers productivity and it was interesting. Because he's talking about the bring. A lot of statistics studied the study was done in conjunction with cornell. University's ellis ideas lab and the survey Result says that people is wasting around fifty nine minutes so all of hour of everyday working trying to find information he without or between the different applications until an either has really a bunch of data you know and forty three percent of the people spending too much switching between.

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