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Everyone out there man because he he don't say this enough man but we talking about friendships and being genuine and Humble Br. I know I say this all the time but man I gotta thank you for being one of the best friends. A man could have on earth man. Because y'all truly don't understand the conversations in the perspective that he's changed my mind to man and like anything I'm going through whether it's you know with with a struggle with mental health or just in a dark place at that time and he's always dead provide an insight and not only insight but just resolution man and often times. It's black man. We'll get a chance to talk about things. That's really holding us down and boggling US down. We tend to bottle those emotions man. Do I want to say thank you Bradley Command for everything that you've done for me. I always thought man has been a couple of times We almost had to beat the shit out a couple of months. Fuck care about the remember Shit. Had To stop a baby like we gets crazy man crazy. I'm humble pie. Humble appreciate it man. What what what I will say man is also thank you man for allowing me to be me right. In a lot of cases man A lot of people back up for me because my social commentary and one thing that I was gonna say Bro. I know you went through in the League because I can tell by what you say it Is that people only call us when it's time to start the revolution fame people who Actually I can even name his name you know he called me and I was like while you're on. Call me when you when you got the Disney money when you call me when you make movies like you know what I'm saying. I just told him on. Fuck Abro like a month. Focus from Black Panther an automobile focus. They don't call me. Should on empire you know what? I'm saying as much more focused loaded woke David Banner's shit like a pimp. Is The reason why I'm here. You know what I mean so like we gotta learn to also have and make money with each other and protect each other than what he said about our friendship. One.

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