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Chief told me the cause of the fire is suspicious, because no one is supposed to be at that camp ground from the fire line on Pine Canyon Road. Steve Gregory, if I knew, and crews have been able to get 5% containment on the fire. Meanwhile, the flames in the foothills above Azusa have burned through more than 3000 acres. This guy says he was there when the fire started. I saw you guys arguing and fighting over a bike. One guy was threatening the other guy and the other guy said he'll burn you out any fire next thing you knew his mouth wrote too much of it was asked Cash Well, alright. No official cause of the fire has been given the fire burn adjacent to the burn scar of a fire from two weeks ago and the San Gabriel Kenyon. The current fire is 0% contained. The L. A county sheriff has announced that more than two dozen members of the department will be fired or suspended. For their role in a deputy click Sheer, Villanueva says he's not prepared to go on a witch hunt to root out deputies who are members of clicks when there's evidence of misconduct now From this point forward and as relates to issues of mistreatment of other employees or members of the community. We are asking that question. Now. The discipline announced yesterday goes backto a fight back in 2018. Several deputies and trainees say they were attacked by members of the so called East L A Bandidos A D U I driver has been charged with murder for killing a pregnant woman who was holding hands with her husband on a sidewalk in Anaheim. The 23 year old mother to be with eight months pregnant. The baby survived after an emergency C section, prosecutors say Courtney Pandolfi was told after each prior DUI conviction in 8 2020 15 and 2016. That if she killed someone during a deal why she would be charged with murder. Investigators say Pandolfi is Jeep jumped the curb Tuesday, smashed through a newsstand hit the couple walking and didn't stop until the car wouldn't go any farther. The husband wasn't hurt. Pandolfi faces life in prison if convicted as charged in Orange County. Corbin Carson KO Phi News. The new What you feel is really campaign in Orange County has targeted people struggling with the emotional stress of Cove in 19 0 C. Director of Behavioral health services, Dr Jeff Nagel says some of the free mental health three sources are For people who just need someone to talk to a community counseling program. That is more for the you know the anxious and the stress but not the severe kind of crisis or severe mental illness, he says. Reaching out for help is a sign of strength. A full range of free county mental health and substance abuse resource is can be found at O c, guff dot com. Forward slash Cove it when we come back, we'll talk with ABC is recline about the big story's coming out of Washington this week. But right now, let's get a check of that Dr. Police activity on the 17 that's on the south outside in Pasadena, located at the 1 34 police activity currently has all lanes. Shut down, So watch for seven slowing as you approach that area heading to Hawthorne, a stall has been reported westbound 15 at prayer. It's blocking the right wing and in Long Beach four or five burned down 7 10 There's a crash loving a car facing the wrong way on the transition to the 7 10 north and taking a quick look at sory toes. There's a crash involving a box truck that's just been reported West found 91 just before Shoemaker. It's a crash involving the box truck and one of their car stuck in the right lane. Your rights are still load up as you approach Carmen Death. You find this guy? Help get you there faster of Sauron, Crump. Right now, you wake up, Carla say good morning to a BCS recline Rick. So much happening. Well,.

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