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They're performing well and they've got good pitching they've got other pieces that kind of make them a much more. Well rounded a little bit more balanced team. And i think that is why they have such success against other really good teams. Because they're they've just been a a well built team and they're also well may team as well but folks i'm gonna now wrap up this segment with a couple recaps from the games on april twenty. First run through the recaps give some highlights and scores then also just give a little update in the standings as to where everyone is standing so as always. I always start with my burgers. They actually completed a three-game sweep of the padres and they got a huge win on wednesday. Four to two over san diego a really really big top six ending for the brewers. That was kind of the deciding factor. The padres were winning two to one going into the fifth and then milwaukee exploded for three in the top of the six and that was pretty much it then getting into the giants and phillies game phillies. Winning in the bottom of the ninth andrew. Knapp walked off with a single beat. The giants six to five phillies are now nine and nine giants or eleven seven though. They're having a really really good year and honestly the giants and this is something to pay attention to looking at the box score. Philly started off hot with three run in the bottom of the second and then san francisco answered with one of the fifth phillies answering with one in the six. But then four run spot in the top of the seventh inning for the giants. And that's something to pay attention to that late inning scoring and that's gonna come up really really big against teams like the dodgers that are really good at scoring late in the game so hats off to the giants but more so hats off to the phillies for grinding out and winning in the bottom of the inning the next game marlins and orioles marlins winning three nothing over the o's hayes two run double trevor rogers. He struck out eight players. So a really good outing on the mound for rodgers now. Moving the two on the year with a one point six. Era so things might be on the up and up for the marlins but again very early on the season. We'll see how a full season goes for them. They're eight and nine oils are eight and ten after a pretty solid. Start by the. They've kind of fizzled out a little bit. But we'll we'll have to see how the rest of this year goes and then a little double header action with the pirates and the tigers game one to the pirates three to two and then the following game tires one five to two fires are right there at eight and ten though i mean. They're not that bad through the first eighteen twenty games. That's kind of impressive In the second game jonathon scoop he had a solo home run three runs scored in the bottom of the fifth for detroit and that was really kind of the main difference there and that's kind of what pushed him over the edge because after that the both teams scored one run. But that was it now. That was kind of the difference because it was one one going into the fifth. They score those three runs both teams score one more run in the sixth each a piece. And that's much all she wrote from there. So getting into the next game now astros and rockies rockies winning six to three rockies are really struggling. i mean. they're really struggling. They're six twelve right now. Trevor story did have a two run double but speaking of trevor story. I am a little bit concerned about what's going to happen with him. Moving forward with this rockies team are they going to be able to keep him around. Are they gonna lose them in free agency quite frankly i think it is kind of leaning towards losing him in free agency especially if they can't turn around that six and twelve if they can and maybe he sticks around. I don't know if he'll necessarily want stay for a long term deal. I don't see him being there for the next ten years. I don't see him being there for the next five years. Maybe for two or three more years but that is it. I think after that he's going to be gone like the wind and he's not gonna want anything to do with the rockies and quite frankly. I don't blame him i mean. This is a team that has had a lot of town over the years. They just can't do anything with it. They really can't. I've never seen team. I mean i've seen other teams in other professional sports but in terms of baseball they've just had so many talented players over the years. Guys like dj lemay. Hugh nolan aeronautical. Charlie blackmon story twenty-two lewitt's gaming. I'm rattling off guys. That were multiple time all stars and was really successful at the major league level. And they can't do anything with them so it kind of makes you wonder okay. Is it a management thing. Isn't a coaching thing. Just a performance. Thing i mean what is it so i think story is going to be gone before we know it next game like i mentioned the thirteen to twelve win that the athletics over the twins final in ten innings minnesota put onto runs in the top of the tenth. Actually the scoring was very impressive throughout the game. Oakland scored three runs in the bottom of the second. They scored four runs in the bottom of the third they score to the bottom of the six and then three in the bottom of the tenth while minnesota scored three in the top of the third scored three in the top of the fifth three in the top of the six and then two in the top of the tent so multiple runs scored throughout each and every single one of those top half of those innings for the most part the only real scoreless innings where the fourth seventh and eighth innings. What in total twenty five thirty five hits for both teams or excuse me thirty one heads for both teams eighteen from minnesota thirteen for oakland. Pretty solid outing if you asked me now. Both teams had to heirs and the minnesota airs came at the worst possible time but again a huge win for the as they moved as twelve and seven and the twins are struggling six and twelve right now so they really need to turn things around and out the next game. Nationals cardinals. simple one. Nath winning one. Nothing max scherzer actually had an incredible outing got the win one and one on the year with one point eight year a in getting into the rangers and angels rangers one seven four the angel. The rangers are only a game. Back of being five hundred. They put up a four run spot in the top of the eighth and to run spot in the top of the ninth. Now it's kind of the difference. They are and angels are nine and seven though. I mean this. Al west is actually not as bad as i thought it was going to be kind of impressed by that. But again in the standings here in a minute and reds d-box one five to four reds now or nine and seven while the backs are seven and twelve or seven ten so a solid win by the backs but the reds after starting off. Really hot. The kind of fizzled out a little bit. Just a little bit though just a little bit and the getting the braves and yankees game raise win. Four two one over the yankees. The yankees continued to struggle. I mean they are really bad. I don't know what's going on in new york. I'm sure they'll figure it out. And i'm going to touch on it later on but i don't really know what in the world is going on in new york i really don't i'm completely and utterly confused by that and i definitely think that they need to maybe figure it out sooner rather than later and then getting into the next game blue jays and red sox blue jays winning six to three over socks now. The socks were one of the worst teams to start..

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