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Hey everyone thanks for listening to argue talking are em remai and before we do i want to talk to adam over here about lisa lisa not lisa simpson by the way your eyes got really big we're not talking about lisa simpson we're talking about lisa the mattress company l e essay now they got even bigger they really did those are huge is your actual head lisa is an innovative direct to consumer online mattress brand that is also socially conscious a lot like the band rem yeah yeah in fact for every ten mattresses lisa's cells they donate one to a shelter through their one ten program not to mention at him and i know that you are dying dimension this but i'm gonna mention it before you can they have a patented universal adaptive feel that's right lisa has this it's designed for all types of sleepers which i would imagine light heavy medium yeah everything on the spectrum of sleepers so many different ones and now lisa has expanded its offerings to include the lisa pillow blanket foundation and frame try at leesamattress in your own home or someone else's they don't care for one hundred nights risk frio risks no risk one not a single one if you like the game risk you're allowed to play you can play it on the man on the mattress it's available in the us uk canada and germany online with free shipping this one hundred percent american made mattress ships compressed in a box right to your door or hey tried at the lisa dream gallery and so who nyc in virginia beach and over eighty west elm stores nationwide get one hundred and twenty five dollars off and get a free pillow that's pro that's like probably like a twenty dollar value or something yeah how when you go to lisa dot com slash rem that's l e essay dot com slash ram.

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