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Yes i don't think you want to give that person equity it's like when you're watching sell game on a sidewalk you're rooting for the cells chicken so then she knows like my divorce papers or is soon and next time i married is going to be a year ironic aren't you think he's like a little ironic yeah i really do think oh my god routes guide it'd be able to ironic seven shirts in less than something minutes that's probably wow and she's like yeah and then her nose scrunches like she's on bewitched can i just ask a question is there anybody in the audience who wants to be the face of divorce mike even lovie lisa seen seen sarah jessica parker seen as the only fucking person that would think that sounds like a fun idea like oh my god he lasts me i'm the face i think when she hears the words do you want to be the face of dot dot dot it doesn't matter what happens next do you want to be the he's of cancer shore won't be the face of alligator deaths sure we'll be the face of genocide sure if you want to be the face of this little diet coke ring holders getting adoption stuck in the water and unable to open their mouth rob is like sondra burial why she has me it was like the face of diabetes tell i mean it's like the last scary one that's dow i'm anne.

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