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Story political ramifications with not the Menomonee falls school board which infuriated many members of its community the way they went to a bogus process to change the school's nickname away from the Indians and then claim that they were changing a mascot even though they don't have one and went through a process in which they claim they were seeking input from the community even though they had made the decision in advance and allied to the school board about it and has a school superintendent Corey Gallo who was caught in a lie by confiding to a colleague that in fact he was working with the school board president to change the next day well there's an election this preg and the filing deadline was yesterday unfortunately there are only two seats up for grabs at the school board in this particular election most school boards are like this they are staggered terms some school boards elected by district others he lacked at large what's the difference I disagree be it card the community a dyslexic elect somebody just of what district to the others you just the like everybody the all right on the same ballot district wide but there are only two seats up for grabs this time around and one of the incumbents devoted to change that A. M. ninety seven percent of you can guess what he's doing in the selection that's right he's weasel like out and not running for reelection the guy's name is Robert airy probably knowing that he would have had his head handed to him and what if that is clock cleaned how many other and elegies gonna use who realizes he would have been plastered who realizes he probably would have finished dead last that same birdie Gary has decided he's not going to run for reelection which you could say is cowardly but at least you know that he's not going to win because Bertie Aries not running for reelection he's on the school board for the next few months that school board by the way tonight and tomorrow is conducting a hearing into whether or not an employee of the district to blow the whistle odd antics of the school superintendent with regard to test scores is going to be fired anyway birdie here is not running for reelection what if the two board members who voted not to change the date was on the ballot now that's an interesting case if you have a school board member who voted to keep the next day should that school board member be judged negatively by people in the community who want to keep the name out of my answer would be yes if I lived there I would say that that board member mark did also he's just a weasel and the reason I would say that he is he never once during the entire process spoke up and said this is the rig deal during the months that led up to the boat he never stood up and used his voice is a public official to cut down what was going on he sat there like a lazy potted plant at that just voted no though he was up for reelection in the spring and No Way they had enough votes to pass it I almost say I'm not going to say it but I'd almost say the members voted to change the name have more integrity than he and what's your name double this to both wanted to change the name but didn't do a doggone thing to stop it and never once tried to out the school board president superintended were pulling the wool over the community size of the process what are the roles of a public official is not just to show up at a meeting in bold but to speak out especially if shenanigans are going on in the government body that you are part of in any event there are a bunch of candidates out there there may be some that are just as bad if not worse than the current members that arrived there and since I can't speak to I any of those candidates I'll try to get myself up to speed before the election comes along with for those of you about how many followers you need to find out and one of the good test is just ask ichib are you going to vote to change the name right back the Indians if you get elected and if they can go out of the super sale there that means the answer is no meaning it means that just as bad as everybody else another good question is would you support firing the school superintendent which seems to be something that has to happen for Menomonee falls they have any credibility you can't have a school superintendent in a community who just lies to the community so anyway there are challenges that are running in the Menomonee falls school board election which was an inevitability over what happened on that wall indeed nickname situation in general in Menomonee falls is I've been arguing for some time they're just needs to be wholesale change with the exception of the handful of reformers on the village board who actually hi this is a community that is just governed by people who don't much thank much of the opinions of the majority of the residents of their community and it's been a problem up in the falls literally since the beginning of my show thirty years ago and I think many of the residents of Monaco sure the frustration out of debt they think they're electing people that are better and the next thing you know you think you're electing somebody as a pillar of the community to get stuck with faith Vander horse it's five oh six now let's see I've got the I heard the with cold hard cash contest I texted were to give you let's do that right after this break it's five oh six into stock eleven thirty W. 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