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More than one hundred million people voted in yesterday's midterm election. And among the winners were former professional athletes cherise David's who wanted Kansas third district trained alongside John Jones as an MA fighter calling Allred will represent Texas thirty seconds. He spent four seasons with the titans and Anthony Gonzales who caught seven touchdown passes from Peyton Manning in five seasons with the colts will represent Ohio sixteen. In the b block. We're precisely midway through the NFL season in the Cowboys with high expectations entering the year are mired in mediocrity at three and five third in the NFC east. With question marks around quarterback deck Prescott was underperform since his stellar rookie year and longtime could stay Garrett whom owner Jerry Jones said will remain at least through the year still at least one famous alarm hall of fame quarterback. Troy Aikman voiced his concern with what's happening in Dallas. Team over a long period of time has been what it's been. And it hasn't always mattered who the head coach is Ben. And so to me dress can me I'd say there has to be a complete overhaul of the entire organization. You just can't simply replace head coaches and say now it's going to be better. No, it's been shown that it's not better. And you have to address how everything is being done. And there's been times where I've heard Jerry say, okay. Look we're going to do it differently. I'm going to do it differently. But it's the same nothing changes. And even more from the NFL former Cowboys star receiver does Bryant a free agent throughout this NFL season has agreed to a deal with the red hot New Orleans Saints where seven in one and the floundering. Baltimore Ravens have decided not to hold practice during their bye week. Coach John Harbaugh said he knew his team was better off resting at this point. Adding that he hopes this time off helps his team four and five to this point get their legs back. Provide context and all these NFL storylines as Washington Post NFL reporter, Mark Maske, Mark conflicting points of view between those inside the Dallas camp and those outside who may once have been inside that would be Troy Aikman. What was your reaction? To minutes words. You know, it's hard to argue at the -bility of what Troy Aikman says. I mean when you look at the Cowboys over a long period of time, it has been quite sometimes it's third Super Bowl tribe with Jerry Jones as the owner of the common denominator and all of that through the different coaches through the different regimes of quarterbacks is Jerry Jones and the way approaches us and his involvement as the owner being his own general manager. So yes, I think Troy Aikman is right. It would behoove Jerry Jones behoove the Cowboys to sort of stand back. Take a different approach bring in general manager to run things have a coach who can do things exactly the way he wants to without sort of having to answer so closely to Jerry Jones and everything but on the other hand, you know, it's not realistic. There are no midterm elections. With the Cowboys at this point Jerry Jones going to do things the way he wants to it's not realistic to believe he's at this stage in his life at this stage in his career..

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