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Music's plane. He shows up all of a sudden foggy. Why is he walking. He hasn't seen the car hasn't sat in the car. Nothing he's like this car no like. Yeah dale you want to sit and he sits like it's all good all right. He's like once golfing like it's in hour. He's okay cool. I'll be back so goes off wherever shows up in his job changes do suit and like a porta potty. I lapse in the car qualified. First lap top five second lap poll gets in the race. Wins race leaves thanks guys. Cla take take cash cash. It's just like what doesn't happen. How can you find the found the limit of everything he wasn't like i'm slow the first lap. He's like almost top. Christ high mid pack followed by pole lap wanting to that rules ethic short-track. Twos like i like the first mile. Yeah like his first half mile and then his is second half mile. That's great vibes. Some people just have the fucking magic. He was just an unbelievable. they're so senna was an incredible race because he. My sister loves this stuff. She showed my wife the documentary of kabbadi senate documentary which admittedly is slanted in the senate versus pro story admittedly sleds. It'd make prost little more than he actually is having said that. It's very poignant and sad documentary now. It's incredible and but what made senna. Oh good was. He truly believed he was put on. This earth like was convinced win for one races and then you have guided nuts but i think that that is like the manifestation sister loves or like you know the secret river like you so convinced you just know this is gonna happen. You're gonna be the grace of all time. I think dale earnhardt thing where it's like you. You know the guy with the fastest car doesn't win. It's the one refuses to lose that old. Mantra people say about him it was because he truly just believe like dr will. And i will not lose your. I will find a way win races and no matter. What towards the cost of you know the. What's ahead of them. So i think that's what why he became. The folklore. he was is that he just had this innate belief and you refusal to not be the best and he always just came off like like nothing really ever sh like he was just never shook yeah like he was just always just shell confident like yep. We're just gonna win this now. So you guys. I'll be back the trophy ready. You could just start engraving it. Say he was awesome incredible businessman and never even got like seeing his yacht on sunday. Money documents sunday money mocking great great. There's really an art to naming boats lot of people. I mean really almost everybody just does it a horribly wrong. I mean you see you go to any marina and ninety percent of the boat. Names are fucking just barazenka really. You don't even want to be seen on that boat with an like that. Yeah sell some bad pun. Yuck i hate on the day money as oh. It's unbelievable does not an extra letter. Yep in that fucking boat name. It's no you know. I i was in a harbor and look at all. The boat names is so many. There's so terrible whatever. But that. I've said before that is the greatest boat name in the history of except for have you seen was this tits The number yeah who the big car collection guy. He's got a brother who i shit you not as named joffrey and his yachts is tits. We've we've looked up a few times true that's true. And there's there's photos it's look at their my gosh share. It is see and with graphic with an under boob graphic class. No certainly not but sunday money can absolutely by class. Oh yeah and it's also it's classy and every man all at the same time. That's right like i earned. This earned his registered in florida. It's not registered in the cayman islands. Dale pays taxes that good not register in like nineteen probably god. That boat's probably late eighties. I looks like hundred foot. Hatteras available for charter. Get the fuck outta here. No way you just left sack charter. Charter yacht you. Can you share on sunday money. Can you actually charter. Dale earnhardt yacht. That'd be sick. You should do a podcast from that yacht with all with other nascar you think that would make a tax deductible the charter oh here we go sunday. Money yacht charter Forty eight to fifty five thousand per week. This is two thousand one hundred rent waste on it so he this was built a year. He died one hatteras. That's that's unfortunate. Talk about not getting to fucking enjoy it. Well it's one hundred foot and hatteras makes a great boat charter. that show says at the bottom. I didn't read the fine print as the bottom of this yards is not available for charter. Nice it's about. Yeah i mean it's it's a little dated but it's fucking spacious and dope good for you. Dale earnhardt jr is well. It's a great name. It's so much better than if you see a car. That's like a nice mercedes in this town and it's just like script sold. Whatever it's clever way is cool dude. Yeah well spiderman. Seventeen will.

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