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The first thing about to find out who will sit on the iron throngs the show earning a record forty seven primetime. Emmy so far. We'll find out who remains tonight at nine o'clock eastern on HBO j powers. This is Fox News. Now, you away, I local news, a Bill that would ban red light cameras in Texas, as one step closer to becoming law, the state, Senator disapprove, the house, Bill now goes to governor abbot who will sign it the bell band cities from using cameras to catch local speeding or running red lights, eight year old Salem cigarette co was found safe early today less than twenty four hours after she was kidnapped while walking with her mother and Fort Worth. The girl was the subject of a statewide, amber alert and witnesses recognized the suspect's car and notify police. She was found at a hotel and forest hill, a suspect is in custody five servicemembers at Lackland air force base in San Antonio are under arrest charged with aggravated sexual assault on warrants from San Marcus, the five were arrested by bear county deputies in conjunction with air force officials. They're wanted in connection with it incident that happened in may of last year. This is Jim Foreside. Real quick fam- odyssey cruises up their game. If you're thinking about maybe a romantic night out with your lava, or maybe just wanna go ahead and enjoy the beautiful scenery of DC. You got to check out the wavy redesigned their ships from the refinements and lighting and textures to the remodeled dancefloor and bar space. I said bar and not to mention minimizing fuel consumption and emissions. Get a sneak peek of the brand new beautiful interiors at their website odyssey, cruises dot com. It's odi. Y. S S, E Y cruise.

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