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Hard to fathom amid the ruins. Cadaver dogs search for at least 22 people who are missing that CBS news correspondent Jonathan Vig Liatti reporting from talent, Oregon Hurricane Sally is crawling toward the northern Gulf coast of just two miles an hour, a pace that's allowing the storm together huge amounts of water to eventually dump on land. Forecasters now expect landfall late today or early tomorrow near the Alabama Mississippi State line. Forecasters say the storm will bring record flooding to the region with nearly 2 Ft. Of rain accumulation in some areas that are near the coast. What might the storm surge? Be like 4 FT. Will be very common all the way over into the Florida Panhandle. It's far to the East, a zap electrical and maybe even farther east than that, maybe going on all the way over to Cedar Key, But the rainfall is going to be a real problem because that's not just a coastal event. This is England, and we're looking at rainfall amounts of 6 to 8 inches that'll be spreading northward in the central Alabama, northern Georgia and western North Carolina. That's Dennis Feltgen with the National Hurricane Center. Many residents are preparing for the worst from Sally. Everything is scary. Right now, Thousands of people like Janet Ryan have already Act up and left their homes packed up. What I need for maybe a couple of weeks because I don't know how much water they will be here. Officials here in Biloxi, see that they're anticipating historic amounts of rain. You could see water already spilling onto the sidewalk here, and some people aren't concerned about the hurricane at this point, despite some roads Being blocked off. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey closed beaches in her state and urged people in low lying areas to leave Skyler Henry reporting from Biloxi, Mississippi..

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