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Do you try to talk him down well when he called fox and friends for thirty five minutes last week i wanted you know to be able to put the call call on pause there for minimum catches breath right getting himself in painting himself in corners you give him by so and tell him maybe tweet less and talk less if i could do public service for america i would be his tweet editor that would be one i would love that okay let's go to the phone stephanie from baton rouge louisiana which question andy love you love to show my questions for geraldo i was wondering even though she was on the season before you on the apprentice how surprised were you by the don jr and aubrey o'day affair rumors ended in new that trickle down to your season i was i was surprised i was saying by it i mean with the five children and all that i think that when marriages break up often they're the kids or the the victims of the unintended victims i so i was surprised it was very little hanky panky during my season you know and i didn't even get fired by donald trump he refused to say to me because we were friends for so long that i was fired so instead he said to leeza gibbons your higher so it was very very gracious let's go to betsy from arizona hey betsy what your question hi andy mike questions actually for both kadian geraldo i wanted to know what did you think of michelle will small log at the white house correspondents dinner and you think that the president should have attended.

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