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I understand that you want to maintain some decorum that you're trying to maintain some professionalism and that you need to keep your guys in check amusing my air quotations but what is major league baseball doing suspending joe west for three days for some comments he made in jest about adrian belle trey there's really will thank you it is really ridiculous joe west just his fifth five thousand regulations in game two we talked about it it was in late june and to coincide with that he did a story with usa today and he was asked who was the biggest complainer in the major leagues and he said it's got to be adrian belle okay so he was asked a question who is the biggest complainer meaning who can blame the most about balls and strikes whose confidently questioning your calls behind the plate and he says it's got to be adrian beltre he goes on to say this is a quote from usa today every pitch you call the to strike he says while while walwa i had a game with him recently in the pitch was right down the middle he tells me that ball is outside okay get those are direct quotes from joe west and usa today and so west finishes at the editor's note by telling the paper you may be a gray ballplayer i told adrian you may be a gray ball player but the worst empire in the league you stink so west tells the story to usa today and by the way the paper notes that the to have a good relationship that this was a a funny story that they were going back and forth is wasn't indicative of any type of acrimony between the two and major league baseball suspends west three days for that three days for that because the pegues adrian belle trey a guy who's been around for death nearly two decades almost as long as joe west for heaven's sake and actually empires life and a baseball players life if you're talking about how quickly they age i mean they're both old guys the both about the same point in their careers it's been a great season for belgium a not so much for the.

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