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About more coffee when you get a moment. Let's Coke motherfucker. Sorry Dan do we have here here at the end just looked at me. Like fucking true. Didn't pick up just poor dopers introduction Hey what's up drew dober- how long you buddy you're not driving. Are you sitting MacArthur outside a strength and conditioning washing the team. Get to work as you did. You get a look at this guy. He's going on a date gelling and every trudeau but we saw you look like a caged animal look at them go go to a Jacuzzi. Shoot at something. And he's going to watch practice how to bring `bout most of my life and swept hands and you know fight close so now says the jobs over this now and how much access to that kick that kick and and you countered. Beautifully had seen something in tape on him. That kind of prepared you for that because it seemed like you were a reaction obviously but it seemed like something you were waiting for him to do. I'm just watching film. And then from his past fights I kinda got an idea of how we kinda throws combinations but a a lot of that was actually just Gabbard In in the fight no the way he was moving in a couple of combinations that through I was just kind of trying to understand and what his game plan was and it was just kind of collecting data and then once I saw the opportunity I just took it now in the last Few fights lights. You beat John Talk. WHO's a skilled you know? He's skilled fighter but he's dangerous the grappling realm very very dangerous correct. You agree. Yeah so then I mean then. Does that have anything to do. Like maybe your confidence was super high. Because you'd be John Talk and then then you get subbed in the second round by endless. I'm not saying that because Benito Dr Durhush is is a stud then he is getting us. was it. What then you bounce back you take out Marco Polo you know? And now if the last night you're now you're getting some nice momentum them but what happened with the Benito Bonito fight was what happened with that after the John Was it. Your confidence was super from the train. So hard for the grappling. You you felt prepared you got caught. I mean what went down with that not to bring up negative Shit Uber Doberm- sorry that I understand fantastic And then going into the second round Video double down on the take downs. And you're able to like take me down and I I feel like it all started on I was just making some Jujitsu mistakes Just where my friends were and just kind of how I was a move and I was so eager eager to get back to my feet. Yeah just kind of like a skipping steps in I was gone from one to three seven and like you know against world-class grappler Neil. You can't be doing that. So I had an opportunity to escape the the grappling department in the second round and when I wrapped up his head I kind of gave him the opportunity to bring it back down to the Mat and then yet my defense to his Kamara trap was or as well so it was. It's just me making critical airs. Just being impatient. I'll just on the ground do you Now obviously train a lot of Jujitsu you. Oh you look Do you mind me asking Brown belt round belts. A Stud Do you with the all. No I mean the first ten years might training ton of ton of Geek but since moving out to Colorado and working with Kamal East end in a Eliot Marshall you've been really just focusing on Gnocchi and that crash my I know of all Eastern for over twenty years. That's my guy right there. I I like that guy I wanted to ask you about the REF because this footage of Dana reacting to that referee look a lot of guys that go one or two punches more more than you think but it seemed like there was ten punches. You landed were you surprised in that moment. Are you at all recognizing. Why are they not stopping? This alleged to be completely honest so I went back in that locker room. And I was talking to my coaches I turned to Elliott and I was like. Yeah like digging that under Hook from half guard so I was trying to frame the face and continue to cause damage that way. He can't get in to get that under hooked and Ali. Let's say he wasn't digging under Hook. He was out and I was like really the entire entire time. I thought like he was trying to be You know offensive from bottom and then finally watched the video and I was like. Oh yeah he was out like that was too much. I know you know what it is. I'm not letting them living at the the mindset that I understand the mindset that drew drew's in its if you you know even the Happy Warrior Roxanne Montazeri was saying you know. Sometimes I forgot how she said it. We should play it afterwards. Or uh-huh spite speech. But she's like yeah. Sometimes you have to be like merciless in here. Like if you if you let up for a second and they regain the back now physically harm us so it really is up to that ref yup to step in there. Because you you give you lay off but all the tables turn that quickly you know what I mean. Well you look at a fight. Like Rosen strike over him wind up working out for Rosa's strike but he dropped over him with a couple of secondly walks away and if that ref hadn't I think make the wrong move and stopped it over him would have jumped up winning. That fight would have actually won the five because roses strike. Didn't continue to to hit him while he was down. And that fight in particular that walkaway really sealed that win like if he engaged able to snatch a single single acres stalled out to the end of the fight but yeah so those huge. He's actually worked out for me. I thought the REF made the wrong. He almost allowed oude Roseanne strike to declare his own. Walk off home run. It was very odd to see. The referee go yeah. I guess you're right. You would know. Call them back in there and it's not like Alice got up and was all over to play a little bit but he looked at his face. These are Oh yeah that's right. That's the decision I was GonNa make fucking Dan. Whatever I it's a hard job no drew you know but you know I think I have? You know who I like. No nonsense Keith Peterson. I do too no nonsense that guy. Yeah I've uh-huh smile once but it was not in the cage. He's he doesn't look like a happy man even What's on your radar next? I mean you look so solid in that in that fight. Obviously obviously you WanNa find a ranked opponent Nazis or anybody. You have your eye on and I'm she'll take whatever they give you but anybody. You're looking at I just look at the the exciting exciting fighters in the top ten division. And I would love to just perform with those Kinda dance partners I'll get Alex Hernandez is solid opponent. Yaw Aw is Great And higher up on that like Islam market chef will be a great fight to super super talk But Yeah I think a lot of other guys are all like booked up so it's Kinda like the the division goes in the next couple of weeks and see who frees up and and Who would want to accept a fight with me is WHO's Iaquinta fighting? Does he have anybody. What does ally curve balls at me does does he have announced that he can be? That'd be an interesting match up that's right. Don't put me in the spotlight. I forgot that would be fun. You know I mean that's awkward though because you know row yeah number now might have five. Didn't tell me about we got your Doberman all right through. We'll look man you look. You look really really great. Congratulations There was a lot of focus. Put on your opponent and I think you probably really shut a lot of people love. That's gotTa feel good Santana. A lower stamp issues definitely very popular over in Europe and in Afghanistan by social media was just blowing coming up on how he's going to kill me in the cage as the worst night of my life and all that stuff but absolutely love it. I don't care about your opinion just tune in wash the fight. I love the buzz. The energy in the feedback and went wants to fight happens and you win in in sewed such a dominant way. Does the social media the change or does it just goes silent advantage that I didn't have to do anything like I went back like a couple earlier and all the people that are talking trash rash other people already got on and started counteracting them. Sounds like I don't have to do anything but I'm not much of a trash talker anyways so I just let the Internet perform the way it wants to. Does that bother you at all. I is there any You rotate you at all not criticism but people who'd chime in and do what people do online line. No not at all. I think we're heartless of their opinion. Those are the guys that are paying my bills. They're the ones sitting in the seats and watching watching so you can go ahead and have whatever opinion on the only opinion I care about her mine. And the guy's close made its at drew. It's it's it's really good Talking to you and it was great seeing. You look incredible and I'm looking forward to seeing It's gotta be somebody ranked next so I look forward to that. Congrats drew Daba. Hi guys anytime talk to you again. Tell Omar Buddy I will definitely man. I Take Habra labral bigger and that a mall. I know from Mars like twenty three years old. That hensel Gracie's academy man. We did the Panamerican Games together together. Oh Yeah Yeah what would you say. Oh that's the one I one yes I was a purple belt. I thought so. Yes the one in Miami nineteen ninety nine thank you Jimmy. Welcome come there. I was on the balcony. Hold gold medal. Just I was just and you know what it was the same song. It was the same year as it was in Miami and it was the San Jose Will Smith's second. It was the same year as a certain song. Jimmy and the Song I was GonNa say.

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