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Adding the music bed. Also, my wonderful voice. But what you're about to hear is a special Christmas themed segment gathered the kids around the fireplace and give this a listen. Twas two nights before Christmas when all through the links, not a person sitting not Texan. Thing the banner was hung from the rafters with care fans. Hope that the eagles again could get their young Watson had visions inside of his head that Jim Schwarz's defense would render him dead Fletcher. Cox in the middle of Mike Bennett outside with young guys behind them playing with pride the coin gut flipped LaRussa clatter. I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter. A since LA food by like a flash a new game was here. The Rams in the past a kickoff ensues of Elliott's tow a win. Here's a must that we all know what to my wondering eyes appear but in offense. So timid and at defense sofi on the first play from scrimmage our guys get pick. I knew in a moment. It's time for more rapid than eagles his teammates, they came and he whistled and shouted and called them by name now alshon now golden now Nelson and garnered on Adams on Erz on sproles on Rogers to the end zone. We'll drive will scratch. We'll claw now. Fly eagles fly embrace the under. Dog as the ball left. His hand spun through the air secured in the end zone. It didn't seem fair so up on the scoreboard vedic grew from zero to seven as the kick went through. And then in twinkling the fight song, it roared, the place had gone crazy. The eagles they soared as I looked to the field of visor. I saw silver hair out the top his passion was role standing tall and proud coach P led his posse. His team was listened. Even johnston. The AUSSIE for the rest of the game. Houston had not a chance. The refs were drinking milk in Maclean's course, washroom the sidelines dimples how merry his cheeks for like roses his nose like a chair the hair on his head was read as a fire with a half broken back. All he'd done was inspired inspired a team to fight nail and teeth with the playoffs. Insight. Don't give up. Jason Peters approached with his big round belly that shook when he left like a big Buller jelly. He was chubby and plump a right jolly else, and I laughed when I saw him in spite of my son, a wink of his eye in a twisted his head soon. Gave me to know. I had nothing to dread he spoke not a word, but his face said it best to the playoffs. We come Philadelphia. No rest to the tunnel. He ran away from the bustle. His teammates followed many showed signs of hustle. But I heard him exclaim airy jogged out of sight fly eagles fly and to all a good night. All right, Mark. Did you enjoy that? There was good. So that's the kids. I'm gonna show that to the kids sit the family around my parents, my in laws around going to be like, look, I got a Christmas story. I think it's a good tradition to start with the family. We're gonna have a little night before Christmas action. And I'm going to play that form and see how that goes seriously though, that was fantastic. That was you said that to me earlier, I listened to I was driving almost drove off the road. I was dying. Your son is a big Carson Wentz. Fast gonna play really. Well, even went as Carson Wentz for Halloween. This what I'm talking about this week because I love Carson coming out. I'm big Carson fan. But yet look, you know, patriots lost the eagles in the Super Bowl. Although the patriots rates fans are eagles fans this week. I will say that all this game has an impact on their dogs..

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