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He should like forty six percent from three get him in the skills challenge once upon a time. Yeah. Verse dunk was he ever in the dunk contest. I don't think. So. No, I don't shame because he had the hops on he would take forever and the three point gone. Dribble before every show. But so yeah. Again, like people obviously yesterday, the the votes come out people are freaking out what I mean. Even Luca Danni, which like above, you know, Duranthon Davis Durant. These guys like he's been great. And he's a lot of fun to watch. But people go nuts. But it won't really it won't matter because that's why they did this. Now, this little checks and balances here, I think it was a smart move. Honestly, some people say that stupid if the fans want Dirk rose or Luca in there, then it's just an exhibition game why not put them in there. Would you guys agree with that or fan zone necessarily know how much their vote counts for I don't I don't think they're not talking about the mathematics the percentages behind it? So they see the bow. They should be able to vote. It's their game. Right. But no, I agree that you shouldn't get as Pachulia in the game. I think that's so you think it was a smart move here by silver and the NBA to put the last call. I it's a nice like forget forget talking about the math. But when it gets down to the the math it actually, the ratios are pretty good pretty smart into in terms of getting guys that are deserved into the game. Okay. Well, let's make let's make our picture. Let's let's see who everybody has who they can. Sted for their starters the ten starters. Now, these won't be the teams right because we'll have the cap they'll do the drafting. And it'll be televised. It'd be great hopefully. But who do you have east guards? Let's start in the east. Let's go..

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