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You know it's about brain and about outrank i i think it's really interesting because this is really like a problem within their own spheres and that's why there's sort of having this you know internal battle in the uh the in how will it how will come out well i'm hoping to read the uh the katie roy fee article out it's always interesting what she says i think christine hot summers gave a little shout out to cater oshii on online so this is going to be an interesting thing i think when they're there are a lot of men and i i had a caller call in and said the men have to stand up and defend themselves i am was think this is the thing where men guys like myself we can get into trouble when we opened up these cans of forms on our shows i am was wanna kinda sit back and let the argument happen amongst women amongst your christina hot summers and lisa de pass qualities and katie roy fees and then some um you know you're kathy a ruse or whatever i would love women to have this nice uh out open conversation but unfortunately i feel like i don't wanna say you're relegated but people like yourself lisa um you know that this is what we do in media we identify us conservative author at center and we kind of shuttle you off to the side opponents really become you know a political thing like this morning on the view um joy behar in and um would be goldberg where we're both saying i'll frank and you know shouldn't have left so quickly and um you know basically wishing that you know he hatton left and that he was a comedian then it you know all the all the same stuff that we've all heard i yeah just have different standards for you know their own people yes yeah well unfortunately we you that's we do we go we bat when backed into our corner week who we we we we we fight for our team lisa de basque wily let's say that book again the social justice warrior handbook and i think you're going to be um you'll be in new york soon ryan i think you're are you.

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