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That was pretty loud let's let's talk to Dan Dan underrated bands at two forty course I'm not back in the late not running I'm thinking about you mentioned yes no there definitely definitely an underrated band and another way old one Mott the Hoople that was on my list as a matter of fact yeah all the way from Memphis all the young dudes that took a lot of accolades from David Bailey yep there's a man do you know what that they were actually a one point one of my favorite bands I'm used to listen to a lot of Mott you should too they had that kind of the English glam thing that you know you know that I'm all about that absolutely what about that life but on those giant stacked heels and platforms with glitter platform glitter platforms I'm buying in if that if that's what you're you're like rock look is about I already like you no matter what your music actually sounds like rob let's get more and more in before the break here what do you have underrated bands I said I would tell us what's under with the shooting star guy that I disliked a piggy back on that I think they were locked up toward my name's Candice not countered in the long run but although Cincinnati band in there I come right to the conversation but not authorized once I agreed that's I. Asia you don't know how many Friday and Saturday nights or even a Wednesday night I spent in a bar watching those guys they were they are right we were there is I'm not a couple times at a loss in local time all right thanks rob let's say chip.

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