Director, James Clapper, Barack Obama discussed on The Lead with Jake Tapper - Unspoken aim of Trump's ire: his own aides' advice, White House has paperwork ready for Joe Arpaio pardon, In memoir excerpts, Clinton details what went wrong in 2016 campaign


Did you bring all the jobs back or didn't you you have more of a record to run on what was striking to me about his appearance last night many things but the most striking was his biggest problem is probably not i don't think it is his his problem and his base his base has stuck with them for the most part it's not that soft his problem is that the country feels a big part of the country feels alienated his problem as he doesn't have a big legislative record so it's interesting to me aside from the off the rails aspect of the speech that he spent his time there many spend his time going there so there is a very strong response last night from former director of national intelligence james clapper of what's roma really coach costume uh who's uh ability to those fitness to be in his office i worry about frankly uh uh you'll do access to the nuclear codes now that clapper worked for obama but he also worked for george w bush he's generally not a partisan guy and fairly sober that was a fairly staggering thing to say yeah and i think it's a recognition of the fact that this guys outside the norm in a major way that we have not seen before the problem for folks and i think clapper dubbed it a nightmare the nightmare that he calls it is that the american people duly elected president trump right um and we had an entire year and a half discussion of whether he was fit to be president and the american people decided that he was and in fact hillary clinton mounted this exact argument the clapper saying now against him uh and it was ineffective i think probably for the reason that.

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