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Now Liana lists with you. It's just I I had no idea that he wrote music. So the road music all use air quotes. I'm very excited. This is not a song. Here we go. I met this girl. I'm telling you a smile for all the world just one blank at a time. Hey, just one inch at a time. Be just one whip at a time. See just one step at a time d just one tooth at a time. Oh, no. Well, I don't know does she turn her sexy. Up to ten. Okay. I'll go a step. I'm sorry. It was just one two at a time because the smile. Okay. Well, I thought it was creepy though. So all right. Is it not creepy now that it's to know it is creepy too. So I thought it wouldn't be that. You never know. Maybe Devonshire maybe even has like a night. John Hennigan has a different identity when he's writing music, maybe Devon's like a secret creeper in his songs. Okay. I'll keep that in mind for the next question are just let's see if you could you could keep that in mind right to see whether or not this interest creepy. I never heard a voice so gentle. And sweet. Yeah. I never heard such blank coming from a woman's teeth. Hey, I say never heard such. I've never heard such beauty coming.

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