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I think those can. I don't know that. I necessarily like that much more than dave. I'm i'm pretty happy to get got around seven I just don't like the other titans. That much ahead of him. The only thing i would say Is that yeah. He only had a what was it. What the target share from from hurts David fourteen point one. That's largely because and i'm doing the math in my head right. Not right now. Sixteen percent of his targets went zach. Ertz that that's thirty percent of jalen hurts targets that went to earth's or goddard's we don't currently i. I took her out of my eagles projections. I don't think i don't know where he's gonna play or what's going to happen but it. It seems really unlikely. That hurts is on the eagles. If that's the case. I think there's definitely an opera like you would certainly expect more than fourteen percent of his targets to go to godart if thirty percent of his targets went to tight ends when through last year. I think it could be as high as twenty so. I do think that there is more upside there. Just by removing zach ertz because he threw which we don't know how much of that was the offensive philosophy in philadelphia and the lack of wide receivers but the evidence. We have from hurts. Last year's like a third of his passes went to tight ends in titans were humongous part of that offense last year dan. They're going to be a big part of this offense this year. Don't get me wrong in your points valid. Do you think it gets over. Twenty percent because devante smith had zero percent of the target share last year in philadelphia. And now he's there he's new. I would imagine that they will have other tight ends. Take away a little bit. i'm just i just i'm just. I'm nervous about goddard breaking out into this huge role where he's a candidate for one hundred targets. I've got him at one hundred two over seventeen games. Which isn't spectacular but again. I think that's exactly what i have. Noah fant projected for that would be a sixty five cats all right Sixty five catches up seven hundred and like i have fanton got projected for almost exactly the same stat line. Except for the fact that i think it i'm always a sucker for the coming touchdown regression. And so i think the lot fan will have better touchdown luck this year almost certainly but i think you have to project gutter to score more touchdowns than fan based on what we've seen in their career. So far. Can i ask you when you look at the metrics on dallas qatar. What kind of a player is he. See anything special so far. No better better than zach. Ertz has been the past two years right like in the in the overall tight end spectrum in the national football league..

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