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Jody max show already in progress. Here's Judy match. Stupor Ono championship Sunday Super Bowl Sunday is in for another couple of weeks down the road. Don't get you had to yourself. Although I do believe I know who's going to be playing some two weeks from now. And that's the Rams and the chiefs those are my tax be just wrong. We'll all know some ten hours from now eight hours hour long. It's gonna take for the games to finish up today. And I did note this again. Yeah. I'm not ferrall who lives sleeps eats and breathes betting. And when you've got a podcast called for and abets, you better be that good. And he is but I follow it, and I pay attention to it. And I actually do have some action because Friday, I was at a wagering spot in Pennsylvania. They just got facial legalized sports gambling in Pennsylvania as well. I was at the south Philly Turf Club, which is an off track site for Parx casino, which has the track park racing track attached to it. Nine. Yeah. I put in a fourteen parlay for today's action. And I took the Rams plus the three and a half. I took the chiefs lay in three and a half, even though both of those lines are down took three. They didn't have any. Plame parlays AM one to have any pushes. So they made all the lines at half points. So I went giving three and a half with the chiefs taking three and a half with the Rams any under all whereas we're both as they still are today fifty six and a half on both games. And when these two teams played both of these two teams in both AMC and AMC played earlier this year saints and Rams combined for eighty patriots and chiefs combined for eighty three the under over on both games at fifty-six AM. I don't know. We'll get eighty and eighty three again. But I think we'll get more than fifty six happen both games. So I've got over in both the saints Rams and the patriots and the chiefs good luck. Selection. You wanna talk about the games do sell you want to get into it. Now because we got a extra added guest coming up in about fifteen minutes. From now is scheduled to join us USA had some difficulty hooking up. He was driving south for the winter. As a matter of fact, the former coach of the Rams when and say Louis and the Kansas City Chiefs, by the way way back when he was the eagles, and he knows a little something about LA to LA because he's the former Bruins coach at UCLA. Dick Romeo is scheduled. Join us coming up about fifteen minutes from now ROY much looking forward to talking to the coach. So you want to get a point in on the game before it gets underway. Rams and feigns pick it up and dial.

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