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At this big ceremony, I just looked to disguise and hope that was additionally making my father very proud of me, and he was very proud man me because of my medical career, of course. So my love and passion of firefighting got me this and just finish that story. 'cause they told me you're the first person it's ever. We've awarded a bad talion chief too, but they know their history back in the nineteen sixties. A woman was made an honorary battalion chief in the Paterson fire department and happened to be none at one of the big hospitals in Paterson assistant, Loretta Agnes. Now, what do you know? I one of the major reasons I'm a doctor and had I trained actually at Saint Joseph's Hospital Paterson New Jersey. Because I really wanted to practice at area. She was a friend of the family and none n would visit our house all the time and she knows pursuing a medical career and she used to always harp mayo, you gotta come and visit our hospital. I'll give you the grand tour and you can hang out there in the emergency room if you want and just get to know our hospital Mr. smart ass here. Now I'm going to go to some big university hospital here inside. I want nothing about a hospital in Paterson New Jersey at seven hundred beds, and it's jus Yanic hospital at a teaching program, but I took her up on it as a freshman medical student at the time. And I, she just hang let me hang out in the emergency room. I hooked up with a couple of docs who would workout going to evening after finishing classes. I'd go hang out in Saint Joe's. I, it's a large part of who I am, what I do if it imperfectly firemen, emergency rooms where all the action is happening or stuff. So Cecil red-headed mega influence. And I did go to train Nair and she was a godsend to patient. So I interacted so much sister was made in on very battalion. She bided department because of her care that she extended to every firefighter who has ever brought to Saint Joseph's Hospital in Paterson New Jersey. So the two honorary cheese sinner history are are linked ways, you know. So it's just kind of spooky there how to turn down, you know, but just a great honor and on my desk at home, I have a blotter that you know, like a plastic top so I can stick things that are important to me underneath it a have my mother and father's a little card that was at their funeral. That through new homes put out, I got some pictures of my son there, and I've got a mess card that my wife. And I gave to Cecil read on her passing. It's just such an impact on last, at least the fire department actually. Now does an annual system, Agnes dinner for the clergy in Patterson and stuff. And I kind of laughed about two years ago. They called me and said, oh, you get you ever hear system, Agnes. Shit actually on our website, and I have a whole page dedicated to her and what she used for the fire department. And everything's kind of funny. Well, we could probably spend another hour talking about that, and I know that our listeners would actually appreciate it. But that's a couple other things I want to get to even before we get to the lipid stuff..

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